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Emed's Best Natural Anti-inflammatories

Disorders such as cancer, heart disease, sensitive gut, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, headaches and migraine, in fact some of the most serious conditions affecting human health, are all associated with an INFLAMED condition of the cells.

Back pain, joint pain, arthritis, and neck pain are all expressions of inflammation. Arthritis, for example, is the pain resulting from inflammation of the tissues surrounding the joints, particularly the hard working and load bearing knees, hips, back and hands.

There are many natural herbs and nutiritional elements which can help relieve inflammation of the joints such as bromelain, MSM, ginger, and even fish oils. Our top Anti-inflammatory products are hard hitting and act immediately to relieve pain and inflammation.

Other products such as Emed's muscle relaxants and Emed's glucosamine products also have anti-inflammatory properties and work well in conjunction with the anti-inflammatories of this section. Indeed they will help to act over a longer time span, giving lasting and more sustained relief from pain.

Your diet directly affects Your levels of Inflammation

Diet plays a huge role in how inflammation develops. Modern eating habits- particularly heavy dependence on refined and processed foods - have altered the natural balance of the chemistry of the body. So any use of a natural medicine to reduce inflammation should include dietary modifications to achieve the best results.

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Bioceuticals InflamEze Activ181.pic.1.jpg

InflamEze Activ has been formulated to provide the therapeutically significant dose of 10mg Harpagosides from Devil's Claw in each table to assist in pain relief.

The formula has been further strengthened by the anti-inflammatory activity of Cat's Claw and Green Tea to provide antioxidant activity.

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Enzyme Therapy is increasingly acknowledged as a functional tool in the management of inflammation.

Plant derived enzymes provide an exciting direction for this therapy. Inflamzyme is often used by practitioners for stubborn cases of inflammation.

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Quercetain is an anti-oxidant bioflavanoid that provides nutritional support and relief of allergies. It modulates the allergic response by reducing the release of histamine and other inflammatory co factors.

Quercetain is used in a variety of conditions from knee pain, allergic rhinitis, to many musculoskeletal conditions.

Eagle Hernidischernidisc.png

Hernidisc is used extensively for people with muscle and skeletal problems, and in particular, disc herniation or disc protrusions. Hernidisc acts as a good anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant to assist in recovery from disc injuries and disability.

Hernidisc is a very popular product with health care professionals and used extensively by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and General Practitioners.

Metagenics Inflavonoid Intensive Care

Metagenics Inflavonoid Intensive Care is a high potency anti-inflammatory supplement that contains a synergistic blend of powerful anti-inflammatory herbs. Inflavonoid Intensive Care contains therapeutic amounts of the Ayurvedic herbs boswellia, ginger and turmeric, all of which help to maintain inflammatory eicosanoid synthesis.

This potent combination assists in providing temporary relief from arthritic pain and management of osteoarthritis by maintaining proper circulation and discomfort due to inflammation.