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Exercise and Sport

Exercise Cuts the Risk for 13 Cancers

May 19, 2016

You know the virtues of regular physical activity: it can lower your risk of becoming overweight and can keep diseases like heart problems and diabetes at bay.

But can it help reduce the risk of cancer, too?

A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine sheds new light on that question.

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Fitness Wearables – Keeping You on Track?

February 10, 2016

An article in Executive Style recently questioned how effective fitness trackers actually were in helping individuals get fit.

Do they play a role in maintaining and improving fitness or are they like the proverbial exercise bike and end up collecting dust in the the corner?

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HIIT Improves Body Shape of the Obese

June 17, 2015

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times.

HIIT has been shown by extensive research to be highly effective in improving body composition particularly for the obese.

When combined with fish oil, green tea and the Mediterranean diet, the results are extremely encouraging in improving a range of health conditions .

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Confirmed: You Can’t Outrun a Bad Diet!

April 28, 2015

An editorial published 22 April 2015 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, noted that no matter how much exercise an individual does, it cannot work off the ill effects of a long term unhealthy diet.

“Let us bust the myth of physical inactivity and obesity,” the authors write. “You cannot outrun a bad diet.”

Healthy choices must become the easy choices. By ignoring the insidious marketing of the junk food industry, we can reclaim our health and wellbeing.

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Free Initial Consult – At Your Place or Ours

February 25, 2015

At Emed we like to stay at the forefront of the Natural Health industry.

We believe that no matter where you are located in Australia or around the world, you deserve access the best Natural Health Practitioners, genetic/pathology testing and products available.

Therefore we are introducing a Free Initial Consultation for new and existing members.

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Essential Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

November 11, 2014

People exercise for a variety of reasons including maintaining physical fitness, promoting a healthy body composition, maintaining or improving bone density, improving muscle strength and joint mobility and promoting emotional well being.

Whatever the reason for exercise, the body needs the right nutrition and recovery strategies in place to sustain performance and facilitate recovery.

Pre-workout supplements continue to become increasingly popular among recreational and professional athletes. Both aerobic and anaerobic athletes use pre-workout supplementation because of their potential erg-ogenic effects and ability to increase performance.

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Fat Shaming – Bullying or a Necessary Wake Up Call?

February 6, 2014

With the rise of ‘fat shaming,’ ‘fat pride’ and ‘fitspiration’ on social media it can be confusing to tackle or even talk about the current obesity epidemic without offending someone.

At the same time should we be avoiding having necessary life saving interventions with overweight people because it is a sensitive subject?

With over 60% of Australians now overweight or obese, it is clear that our current anti-obesity measures are failing us as a nation.

Obesity is a serious health issue, and we don’t do anyone any favours by pretending otherwise.

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Being a Couch Potato Could Kill You

April 11, 2012

Couch potatoes and lazy bones beware – your sedentary TV time could be killing you.

A new Australian study has revealed that for every hour of sedentary time you partake in everyday, the risk of dying earlier from cardiovascular disease or cancer increases. This interesting new research offers an insight into how deeply a sedentary, unhealthy can affect our bodies – however, it’s not too late to change your tune.

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