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Leaky Gut – A Pathway Towards Disease

October 15, 2015

Leaky gut has been known by Natural Health Practitioners to contribute to a range of debilitating conditions for many years.

Once diagnosed with a test such as an Intestinal Permeability kit, leaky gut can be effectively treated with proven ingredients, supplements and dietary changes.

Read on to find out more…

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Alternate Nostril Breathing – Just Breathe!

July 29, 2015

Are you having trouble winding down?

Do you have ‘monkey mind’ making sleep near impossible.

A technique known as alternate nostril breathing (pranayama) is a yogic breathing relaxation technique that can be used by almost anyone irrespective of age, gender or even time availability.

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Free Initial Consult – At Your Place or Ours

February 25, 2015

At Emed we like to stay at the forefront of the Natural Health industry.

We believe that no matter where you are located in Australia or around the world, you deserve access the best Natural Health Practitioners, genetic/pathology testing and products available.

Therefore we are introducing a Free Initial Consultation for new and existing members.

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Top 5 Smart Ways to Stop Headaches

April 12, 2014

The pain of a headache is unwelcome at the best of times and can be downright debilitating.

You may be reading this because you’ve experienced a headache that is so bad you’ve had to take a day off work. Or maybe you have had to shut yourself away in a darkened room for a few days until you could stand the light again.

Too often, this kind of headache or migraine drives people to pop an Imigran tablet and perhaps top it up with some Nurofen Plus. Emed urges you to put away the pharmaceutical drugs and consider these top 5 natural, safe and effective ways to halt headaches…

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