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Codeine Crackdown: Painkillers Require Prescription From 2018

December 22, 2016

Codeine containing medicines like Nurofen Plus and Panadeine will require a prescription from 2018 amid ongoing concerns about overuse and abuse of the pain killer.

In response to growing concerns about addiction, overdoses and other harm caused by codeine, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has decided to re-schedule the drugs so people cannot buy them over the counter in a pharmacy from February 2018.

While an original decision on the re-scheduling of codeine products was meant to be made by November last year, Fairfax Media has previously reported on a quiet push by three large pharmaceutical lobby groups for a regulatory impact statement, which delayed the decision for 12 months.

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Conventional Medical Treatments Being Turned on its Head

March 16, 2016

Doctors and other health professionals from 14 prestigious medical colleges in Australia and New Zealand have reviewed the evidence 61 of the most commonly sought medical treatments, tests and procedures and found them lacking.

As a result there will be sweeping changes to recommendations that were previously considered the norm.

This is a positive step for the health industry. By identifying unnecessary, wasteful and expensive treatment, our health and the health budget will become more efficacious and efficient.

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Ibuprofen for Kids?

August 25, 2015

A child with a fever is every parents nightmare and is usually the first indication that a child is ill. Watching the thermometer steadily increasing, feeling the heat radiating from the child and the listlessness is a simply horrible experience for everyone.

What to do?

A common practice is to reach for the Ibuprofen and dose the child up as quickly and as often as possible. But how efficacious and safe is this practice?

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Nurofen: Stomach Ulcers, Bleeding Bowel

July 23, 2014

Nurofen, Stomach Ulcers and Bleeding From the Bowel 

One of Australia's biggest-selling headache pills could soon be as difficult to buy as morphine or methadone after an expert committee was flooded with complaints the pills were being abused by addicts and drug dealers.

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