How We Can Help You

Enhance Your Health With Science and Integrative Medicine

Emed is a leader in the development of Integrative Medicine; combining genetic, metabolic, blood and nutritional testing with individualised and specific natural medicines to enhance your health and achieve your genetic potential.

We are a unique health provider that matches your nutrition to your DNA.

We can assist you in making better and scientifically valid health choices – using some really nifty and cutting edge medical testing.


Our Mission?

Much of the health care industry is focused on treating symptoms rather than investigating underlying causes and the effect of our genetics on disease.

Emed’s mission is to improve health worldwide by providing the best Integrative Medicine currently available so you can take control of your health and achieve your genetic potential.

So how do we help you?


1. Obtain an Insight to Your Book of Life – Your Individual Genetic Makeup.

One of the first things we like to start with, is to understand your individual genetic makeup. We cam map your DNA so that you may understand your own genetic information and risk factors for disease.

If you where predisposed to a particular condition, would you like to have the ability to make changes to reduce the risk or even avoid it happening to you?

Are you looking for definable answers to your most pressing Health, Fitness, Weight Loss and Anti-Aging concerns?

Have you tried the conventional methods to lose weight, increase your fitness, manage your health condition or overcome your symptoms without success?

If so, then the a Genetic Test may be for you, here are the genetic tests available from Emed:

  • Fitgenes Genetic Profile – 40 gene profile focusing on metabolic management, weight management, Diabetes, Cardiovascular health, Chronic inflammation, bone health, fitness and exercise.
  • HealthScope MTHFR – Genetic mutations in MTHFR are the most commonly known inherited risk factor for elevated homocysteine levels, cardiovascular disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and depression.

By looking at your Personal Genetic Profile, effectively your Body’s Blueprint, Emed can safely and effectively determine which supplements, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices are best for you to achieve an optimal state of health and vitality.


2. Establish a Base Line

Provide access to the bestmetabolic, toxicant, food allergy, food additive, and nutritionaltesting currently available to assess your health.

  • The E-Consult; a low cost and easy start point for us to develop a personalised health report and to address your primary health goals or main complaints.
  • Baseline Nutritional Testing; the best place to start for a personalised assessment of your functional nutrient needs. It answers the question – “Is your diet working?”
  • Optimal Nutritional Evaluation; one of the most comprehensive evaluations of your functional needs for nutrients, amino acids and antioxidant requirements available anywhere in the world.
  • Amino Acid Testing; comprehensive evaluation of individual amino acids especially suited to athletes.
  • Essential Fatty Acid Testing; determine your individual requirements for all the different types of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids.
  • Food Allergy Testing; work out which foods your body is reacting to, essential for treating irritable bowel and other gastrointestinal mediated inflammatory disorders.
  • Base Line Hormonal Profile; suitable for men and women.
  • Food Allergy Testing for Vegetarians; highly specific for your unique diet.
  • Food Allergy Testing for Asian Food; specific for 96 types of commonly used foods in the Asian diet.
  • Food Additives and Food Colouring Testing; particularly important for autistic spectrum disorders, skin and concentration issues in children.
  • Food Allergy Testing for Herbs and Spices; often overlooked but important in those with particularly sensitive systems.
  • Antibiotic and Anti-inflammatory Chemical Intolerance; are the drugs you take damaging your body?
  • Environmental Chemical Intolerance; a must for farmers and others exposed to these types of chemicals.
  • Moulds and Pharmocactive Agents Intolerance; suitable for those exposed to moulds or chemicals.
  • Osteoporosis Markers (NTx); assess if your Osteoporosis medication or calcium supplementation is working.
  • Cardiovascular Profile; very important test for those at risk, or under treatment for heart disease, cardiovascular disease, prevention or recovery of heart attack or stroke. Includes elements commonly missed in Medicare blood tests.
  • Inflammation Profile; gives precise information of your specific inflammatory markers that may drive your pain or disease.


3. Match Your Individual Nutritional Needs

Each test provided by Emed includes a comprehensive report analysing the information and providing dietary and / or nutritional solutions you should consider to improve your health.

Most clients usually begin with the Emed Online Consultation or Baseline Nutritional Testing as a minimum. This is a great way to assess if your diet is working for you, or you have nutritional deficiencies that may be damaging your health.

If you have sub-optimal health, you are an athlete or you want to improve your level of well-being then this is a good place to start.

If you want to see if your diet, nutritional, supplement or natural medicine strategy is working for you a Baseline Nutritional Test will be of great value.

Clients that require one of the comprehensive health evaluations available anywhere in the world usually combine the Emed Online Consultation, the Genetic Test and the Optimal Nutritional Evaluation (ONE) .

These strategies can provide a scientific platform to improve your health. Combine with other tests available on Emed for a truly unique and individualised health strategy.


4. Access to the Best Health Products

Emed was born out of a desire to help peoplethrough the maze of mis-information regarding current health issues andnatural medicines. Emed’s focus is to provide the most cost effectiveand potent natural medicines, from all sources, directly to you.

We are always there to support you in your quest for better health, enhance your genetic expression and hopefully achieve your genetic potential.

At Emed we don’t carry all products – only the best, particularly when it comes to “Practitioner Only” Natural Medicine.

Whenever possible we will use Australian manufactured or ownedproducts, made from reputable companies. Most of the naturalmedicines on Emed are produced under strict conditions from theAustralian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Indeed many are manufactured at higher than pharmaceuticalgrade quality controls, particularly the “Practitioner Only” Natural Medicines.


On a Personal Note

Recent research shows that the world is suffering a tsunami of chronic diseases and a typhoon of acute illnesses, many of which are associated with inappropriate or exaggerated activation of the genes of inflammation.

Finding therapeutic agents which can modulate the inflammatory reaction is the highest priority in medical research today.

Current Western therapies for inflammatory disease are suboptimal; increasingly people are turning to complementary, alternative and integrative medicine for symptom relief and improved quality of life.

The emerging evidence is that many of these therapies have the ability to modulate the immune system and disrupt the pro-inflammatory cascade through a variety of mechanisms, including antioxidant effects, alterations in cell signalling (in particular the nuclear factor (NF) -B pathway), cytokines, pro-inflammatory mediators and disruption of the gastrointestinal bacteria flora.

Drugs developed by the pharmaceutical industry have this far been associated with toxicity and side effects, which is why natural substances are of increasing interest.


What we have been doing is not working.

How we have managed sickness and disease needs to change. What was a certainty 20 years ago, has become wrong. What was old, is becoming new.

The altruistic days of visiting the time poor GP for the latest offering of a multi-national Drug Company (Big Pharma), in the desperate hope that this new tablet will control the many complex and subtle, stress, diet and inflammatory based changes within the body are over.

We are reinventing basic nutritional principles, with the science of today, and beginning to understand how and why they work.

Centenarian groups (people who regularly live to be 100) are not visiting the doctor each week, but making lifestyle changes to control their stress, have a healthy diet, drink conservatively, keep active, avoid harmful chemicals, live modestly, become spiritually aware, have a feeling of worth and enjoy their life and family.

Will you move with the changes, will you take steps to control your health?

Or will you be left behind?