ConsultationIf you like the idea of going and seeing a Practitioner for consultations,  you can then visit us at the Emed Hawthorn Clinic.

The Emed Hawthorn Clinic is located at 810 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn. A very convenient 7km east of Melbourne CBD.

So if you are not sure of what you want, need to pick up some supplements or want some professional advice on what strategies to consider to improve your health, this is the place.


Initial Consult – COMPLIMENTARY – Allow 60 minutes

The Initial Consult is designed for people who are having their first official consultation with Emed practitioners and may have a lot of ground to cover in regards to their current health needs.

An Initial Consult is also recommended for people who want a more in-depth health analysis and treatment plan, people who are taking numerous medications or suffer from chronic conditions.

You will have a generous amount of time to discuss your health issues with your Emed Practitioner.

Some testing will be performed in this initial consultation including:

  • VLA – Bio-impedance analysis
  • Blood pressure check
  • Urine pH testing
  • Height & Weight check
  • Zinc level test
  • Waist and hip measurements.


Report of Findings Consultation – $120.00 – Allow 60 minutes 

Your Emed practitioner will gather all of the information from your initial consultation and formulate a personalised and comprehensive health report, including:

  • Your testing results
  • A tailored health treatment plan or program for the next 12 weeks and beyond focusing on your health goals and long term health.
  • Natural Medicine supplements recommendations– In particular Practitioner Only and Prescription Only Natural Medicines.
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Referrals for further testing if required

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Follow-Up Consult – $55.00 – Allow 15 – 20 mins 

The Follow-Up Consult is the consultation you choose after your Report of Findings Consultation.

Most consultations that many people use on Emed, is the Follow-Up Consult.

The purpose of a Follow-Up Consult is to assess any health changes you may have noticed so far including changes in your energy levels, weight loss, digestive improvement, sleep, ability to handle stress, skin health, pain levels etc.

From these results your Emed Practitioner can adjust the treatment plan and natural medicine protocols as required.

This type of consultation runs for 15 – 20 minutes and your Practitioner will spend an additional 15 minutes following your time to compile your prescription, including dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

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Long Consult – $145.00 – Allow up to 60 mins

This is the best choice to make if you want to speak with your Practitioner for a longer period of time, have a lot of questions to ask, or if you have a complex case with numerous symptoms.

This is also the best option to choose if you want your Practitioner to look over any of your functional or pathology test results (eg. blood tests, salivary hormone tests, etc.) and provide you with a report of findings.

For complex cases, a Long Consult may be required for the follow up appointment after your Initial Consult.

You will have a rather generous amount of time to your Emed Practitioner to discuss your health issues.

Your Practitioner will spend an additional 15 minutes following your time to compile your research based prescription, including dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

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