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In need of a health check-up? Do you want to know if your supplements are being effective and are at the right dose?

Are you time poor – do you want answers today? Then an Emed Health Review is for you!

Given that we have literally thousands of pages of health products and information on a range of topics it can be a little daunting as to know where to start on Emed.

So if you are not sure of what you want, need some professional advice on what strategies to consider to improve your health or would like to know how you are progressing with your current treatment protocol – take an Emed Health Review today.


What You Get Out of an Emed Health Review:

  • A personalised written prescription containing lifestyle, dietary and natural medicine advice that could change your life.
  • Confidential health appraisal from a Qualified Emed Integrative Natural Medicine Practitioner.
  • Recommendations of quality natural medicine ‘Practitioner Only’ products.
  • It’s easy and will only take a fews minutes of your time.
  • Health fund rebates are available with all Emed Consults.


All results of your Health Review or eConsultations are conveniently posted in your Dashboard, located at the top right of screen where you log in.

The My Dashboard feature will be the hub of communication from any of the practitioners to you. Important messages, natural medicine or exercise prescriptions will live there.


The Process:

1. Simply Subscribe to the Website and you will be offered a Health Review during the registration process.

2. Complete a new health appraisal form located in your dashboard, outlining current health complaints, symptoms, medications and a brief diet summary.

3. An Emed Integrative Health Care Professional will review your information and post a personalised health prescription for you.

4. Your Prescription will provide a tailored health protocol to follow including supplements, diet tips and lifestyle advice.

5. Your Prescription will be provided within 3 working days, and you will have access to the prescribed products when you receive your prescription.


If you have a serious disease, deteriorating symptoms or concerns about your health we recommend that you purchase an Emed eConsult for a more detailed evaluation.

This allows your to talk ‘face to face’ with one of Emed’s practitioners.