Fatty Foods Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Michigan State University (MSU) researchers have recently demonstrated a link between girls who eat a high fat diet during puberty and an increased risk of developing breast cancer later in life.

These detrimental effects were found independent of whether or not the girls became overweight or obese. Increased funding is now being used to expand this research and further study the impact of environmental exposures from the womb to adulthood that predispose women to breast cancer.

Physiology professor Sandra Haslam, director of MSU's Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center, stated that in particular the time period during puberty is crucial for risk prevention. This is because during puberty the basic framework is created for mammary gland development.

Haslam asserted that, “what we are seeing from preliminary research in animals is that a high fat diet during puberty can lead to the production of inflammatory products in the mammary glands of adults, which can promote cancer growth.”

Moreover, research published last year in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology implicated the hormone progesterone in activating genes that trigger inflammation in the mammary gland, and that inflammation itself may be a key factor in increasing the risk of developing breast cancer. According to the researchers, both progesterone and a high fat diet activated genes and processes that lead to inflammation in the mammary glands.

Furthermore, inflammatory changes occur firstly during the crucial time of puberty and the effects of this inflammation can last a lifetime. Therefore, researcher Haslam, along with microbiology professor and associate dean at the College of Natural Science, Richard Schwartz, plan to lead a team trialling anti-inflammation interventions to prevent cancer as well as analyzing all the effects of a high fat diet during puberty.

Besides performing biomedical research and conducting the next phase of studies, the national Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program will endevour to communicate findings to the public and thus lessen the risk of breast cancer via awareness and avoidance of environmental risk factors.

Emed's comment:

In order to treat or manage any condition, the physiological processes behind it need to be understood. We know that inflammation is involved in many of the disease processes of the 21st century and cancer is no exception.

Although the study findings mentioned are only preliminary animal studies and it can be difficult to conduct highly rigorous scientific testing when it comes to cancer, it doesn't take much to be able to see the simple connection between poor diet and poor health.

This research specifies integral connections between what we put in our mouths and how it can affect us, not just right now but also down the track. Further understanding the link between inflammation and cancer risk and the importance of a healthy adolescent diet will no doubt be invaluable to the public.

Eating well is about giving yourself the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. The first step to preventing any disease is a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Now that we know what excessive inflammation can do to our bodies, we are more prepared to take anti-inflammatory foods, diets and supplements more seriously. One of the easiest ways to promote an anti-inflammatory state in your body is with quality fish oils. Click here for more information on how anti-inflammatory fish oils can help prevent breast cancer.

What else can I do?

Cutting out the fatty food and replacing it with lean, cleanprotein, leafy green fresh vegetables and other healthy choices is definitely a great start to decreasing inflammation in your body and protecting your cells against damage and disease. These simple dietary changes can go a long way in improving your health and if you want more information on how to prevent inflammation through diet click here.

Natural anti-inflammatory supplements can be helpful when the diet alone is not enough or when there is an acute inflammatory process occurring in the body. Click here for more information about emed's best natural anti-inflammatories.

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