Fish oil treats ADHD better than Ritalin

Fish oil improves the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) without any of the side effects of drugs like Ritalin and Concerta – and more effectively, a study by the University of Adelaide in Australia found.

When 130 children between the ages of 7 and 12 with ADHD were given fish oil capsules daily, behaviour dramatically improved within three months. Further:

  • After seven months, the chilren were not as restless and showed improvements at school.
  • Improvements in concentration and attention improved by one-third.
  • After 15 weeks, 30-40 percent of the children taking fish oil had improvements.
  • After 30 weeks, 40-50 percent improved.
  • Children taking placebo capsules were later switched to fish oil and subsequently also experimented improved behaviour.

Improvements were still being seen after the study ended, which suggests the fish oils may have long-term effects. When the researchers compared their results to studies of Ritalin and Concerta for ADHD, they found that fish oils were more effective.

ADHA drugs are known to carry serious side effects, including insomnia, changes in personality, cardiotoxicity, heart attack, stroke and even sudden death. In the UK, nine children have died after taking the drugs.

Emed’s comment:

“Why treat millions of ADHD kids with drugs more powerful than cocaine when a simple food change is far more effective?”

…the answer is simply one word – money.

Somewhere between 5 percent and 10 percent of U.S. school children are diagnosed with ADHD. If the multinational drug corporations would have their way, every one of these children would be on their drugs so they could reap in billions more in profits.

If Ritalin was a safe drug this could possibly be justified, but Ritalin is more potent than another stimulant, cocaine. Using brain imaging, scientists have found that, in pill form, Ritalin occupies more of the neural transporters responsible for the ‘high’ experienced by addicts than smoked or injected cocaine.

Although the study that is reviewed above is not yet publised, it confirms earlier studies. The bottom line is that we know the food choices of most children are beyond poor.

How could you possibly expect a child to have normal behaviour if he or she is fed refined grains, sugar, processed food loaded with chemicals, juices and soft drinks instead of pure water? Then if the child has ten percent of their vegetable requirements, too many omega-6 fats, and a virtual lack of omega-3 fats, you will immediately recognise that this is a recipe for disaster. You simply cannot have a healthy functioning brain in a child that is not given the proper foods to develop optimal brain function.

This is not rocket science, folks.

But it is easy to understand why there is so much confusion regarding this issue when the drug companies spend billions on direct-to-consumer ads on TV. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Just follow the guidelines below.

  • Eliminate grains and sugars from your diet.
  • Replace soft drinks, fruit juices and pasteurized milk with clean water.
  • It will also be important to minimize the use of nearly all vegetable oils – they are loaded with omega-6 fats, which distort the powerful omega-6:3 ratio.
  • Eliminate all juices and soft drinks and replace with pure water.
  • Increase your omega-3 fats by taking an effective form of omega-3 oil.
  • Also, I believe that all children could benefit from taking a good multimineral and multivitamin. There are products suitable for smaller children and different multi’s for active teenagers.