Prescription Drug Side Effects

There are occasions when prescription medication are required, however things are getting out of hand.

Rarely a day goes by when I am required to assist a patient that hasat least some of their symptoms are actually CAUSED BY their prescribeddrug medication.

Indeed some patients are killed or significantly injured by their prescription medication. And it could easily happen to you!

Be careful what you take. Each drug medication has a side effect -many are hidden. But they invariably affect the kidney, liver and otherorgans.

Some are highly addictive without you knowing it, while others havevery little therapeutic value, being peddled by well meaning doctorsbought off by multi-national drug company glossy marketing.

It is now 'normal' for my elderly patients to be on up to a dozendifferent drug medications. Having interacting and compounding effectsthat we may never know, being sold under the banner of 'good health'.

What are we doing?