Yoghurt Beats Bugs for Stomach Ulcers

The stomach bug Helicobacter pylori is the cause of most stomach ulcers, so doctors often try to eradicate it with antibiotic therapy.

When this doesn't work, as is the case 10 to 23 per cent of the time, a yoghurt may help, according to a study conducted in Taiwan.

Specifically, eating yoghurt containing the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium (AB-yogurt) before trying a second round of combo antibiotic therapy can improve its efficacy in eradicating residual H. pylori, the researchers found.

Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; Rueters April 2006

Emed Comment:

The stomach bug Helicobacteria is in many cases, an opportunistic infection. That is, you become infected with the Helicobacteria because the stomach wall has become damaged in some way. This damage is usually caused or associated with high levels of stomach acid. Stomach acidity causes “heart burn”, gastric reflux, a bitter taste in the mouth and abdominal bloating. Prolonged levels of excess stomach acidity is a pre-curser for stomach cancer.

High levels of stomach acid is BIG BUSINESS in Australia. Products like “gaviscon” and “quickeze” sell extremely well in all pharmacys. GP's often prescribe “losec” to help reduce stomach acid. However if you use a drug to alter the ph of your stomach acid then you will upset the way you absorb food in the gasto-intestinal system. Also, it does not stop the reason you are getting the acidity in the first place.

But, wouldn't it be better to reduce your acidity by changing your diet? What a novel idea! If you change your diet and reduce your acidity, then you probably wont need the drugs.

If you have a hiatus hernia, heart burn, stomach ulcers etc. then you must read the section on Eating to Reduce Inflammation. Also you should apply the Emed Optimal Nutritional Protocol. Part of this protocol is to RECULTURE the gasto-intestinal sytem regularly. Reculturing means putting the correct bacteria back in your digestive system so that you can digest your food properly.

The most efficient way of reculturing the gastro-intestinal system is to use products like Cytobifidus, Prodophilus or Acidophilus. One tablet of these products is the equivalent of eating up to 10 tubs of yoghurt (without the calories).

So if you have stomach ulcers, heart burn or you have used antibiotics then you need to increase your dietary intake of yoghurt and reculture your gasto-intestinal system using one of the products above.