Only You Can Prevent Diabetes!

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body can't properly utilise the insulin it produces to regulate blood sugar, preventing your body from getting the fuel it needs. This type of diabetes is the most common, and usually develops gradually after age 40. Symptoms include excess thirst, urination, fatigue, and weight loss.

Dietary and lifestyle factors are known to heavily influence the development of type 2 diabetes, prompting the authors of a recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine to determine the proportion of cases of type 2 that could be avoided through low-risk behavior. Nearly 85,000 women completed questinnaires and were examined over 16 years of follow-up. The authors defined five variables of low-risk women: a healthy weight-to-height ratio; a diet high in cereal fibre/”healthy' fat and low in “unhealthy” fat/simple sugars; a half-hour or more of moderate exercise; nonsmoking; andconsumption of some alcohol.

Ninety-one percent of diabetes cases were attributable to having negative lifestyle behaviors in all five areas. When only diet, weight, and exercise were considered, 87% of cases were preventable. Being overweight was the single-greatest predictor of type 2 diabetes.

Almost all cases of type 2 diabetes can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle. Keep your body weight at a safe level by exercising several times per week and limiting the amount you eat. Also, eat lots of cerals, whole grains, and the healthy fats found in nuts, fish, and olive oil. Avoid sugary foods and meals loaded with diary or meat fats.

Emed Comment:

If you are a diabetic (or becoming a diabetic with exessive weight and high blood sugar levels) then you must apply the principles of the Emed Optimal Nutritional Protocol. There is no other way.

Being Diabetic means that you will have a reduced life span (up to 12 years), you are more likely to have strokes and heart attacks, you are more likely to loose your eye sight and you are more likely to loose a limb (due to gangrene). It is just not worth it. Put the coffee scroll or pie down. Coke (and diet coke) is not a replacement for water. Mc Donald's is not food. Don't do it to yourself.

You can change your life by following the information on this website.