What is Not Listed on the Label Could be Bad for Your Health!

The quality of a product is not simply determined by the “active ingredients” written on the bottle.

While it is important that we choose sustainably sourced herbs, nutrients (in the most bioavailable forms) and comprehensive formulas (with synthetic cofactors), it is also important to consider what is NOT listed on the label, the excipients.

Many of us are unaware of the potential health implications associated with long term ingestion of certain excipients.

So what are ‘excipients’?

Excipients or “inactive ingredients” are designed for the tablet makers, not for humans.

They are the lubricants that allow faster production, the fillers that allows a press mould to be used, the glues that hold the tablet together and the various chemicals used in coating.

Sounds appetising doesn’t it?

Usually the dosage form will dictate the level or amount of excipients used in a product.

As a general rule, powders and vegetable capsules require less excipients in order to be manufactured.

Of course sometimes, the use of tablets as a dosage form is unavoidable. In these instances, you should choose a product where the use of excipients has been limited and strictly controlled.

People, especially susceptible people such as those with a history of asthma or contact dermatitis, can react to the excipients in a product.

Retail brands that produce supplements you can buy in bulk from your health food store or local chemist can be stacked with dodgy excipients.

Often, as they are not listed, you will never know what you’re taking unless you ask.

The practitioner only medications we stock here at Emed are of the highest quality.

It may surprise you to know that even not all practitioner only products are the same.

Not all practitioner only companies have the same policy when it comes to the use of excipients. That is why we have done our homework when it comes to supplements and have chosen our product range wisely.

If you have any questions regarding the excipients of a particular product, simply LiveChat one of our Emed Practitioners or give us a call on 1300 00 3633.