Fish Oil for Fat Loss – The New Miracle 'Diet Pill'?

If you're looking to shed some body fat and tone up, you may want to follow your workout with a few capsules of fish oil.

Preliminary findings from an Australian study have shown that a combination of exercise and fish oil was effective at reducing body fat and improving cholesterol levels and blood vessel function.

In a study of overweight adults run by Peter R. C. Howe and colleagues at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, the researchers found that study participants who took fish oil, alone or with exercise, saw their levels of ‘good' cholesterol (HDL) go up, while their triglycerides (‘bad cholesterol') went down.

As well as this, exercise and fish oil seemed to cut body fat.

According to the study authors, the overall benefits suggest that a combination of exercise and fish oil may improve overweight adults' cardiovascular health.

Numerous studies have revealed that omega-3 fatty acids from fish may benefit the heart by lowering blood pressure and triglycerides, reducing the risk of blood clots and improving blood vessel function.

For this study, the researchers randomly assigned 75 overweight adults to one of four groups: one that took 6 grams of fish oil per day, one that consumed fish oil and walked for 45 minutes three days per week; one that consumed pills containing sunflower oil, and a fourth that combined the sunflower oil and walking.

After 12 weeks, the researchers found that the volunteers who were taking fish oil showed greater improvements in their blood fats and blood vessel function than those who took sunflower oil. What's more, exercise and fish oil each helped to reduce body fat.

“Increasing intake of (omega-3 fatty acids) could be a useful adjunct to exercise programs aimed at improving body composition and decreasing cardiovascular risk,” Howe and his colleagues write.


Emed's Comment

Another interesting study showing the benefits of using fish oil.

Not only does fish oil help to reduce inflammation, protect against heart disease, stroke and cardiovascular disease and improve cognitive function, it also reduces bad cholesterol levels and improves the body's use of body fat.

Omega-3 fatty acids play a key role in a range of vital body processes, from regulating blood pressure and blood clotting to reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system. Realistically, we should all be taking some sort of omega-3 supplement.

There are many fish oil supplements on the market, but as we highlighted in our ‘Why Fish Oils Aren't All the Same' article – not all of them are the same.

Though the value packs from the chemist may seem like great buys, they generally contain low levels of EPA and DHA, and high levels of contaminants.

Investing in a good quality fish oil, like those found on Emed's Best Fish Oils will ensure that you get contaminant-free, pure fish oil and is both effective and reflux-free. Click here for more information.


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What else can I do?

  • How often do you exercise? Honestly? We should all try to get a least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Sometimes our intentions are good, but it's following through with them that's the issue. Not only is exercise important for your heart health, it will also help to keep your weight down, keep your blood pumping and help you feel more energetic. Read ‘Stretching and Exercise' for more information.
  • Is your diet a healthy one? Eating junk, high-fat and high-sodium foods isn't just bad for your heart health – it'll also ensure that your body fat percentage stays high. Clean up your diet and feel a whole lot better, and leaner, sooner. Read ‘Health Promoting Nutrition' for a great starting guide on healthy eating principles.
  • Turn to junk food too often? Having trouble controlling your sugar cravings? It might come down to how you're eating. Aim to eat several small, protein-rich meals everyday. Avoid eating three ‘big' meals – this sends your pancreas into insulin overload, and it simply isn't the smart way to support your energy levels. Read ‘Why Change our Diet?' for more information, and invest in a blood-sugar stabilising formula like Eagle Pharmaceuticals Gluco Support to avoid those mid-morning and afternoon sugar cravings.
  • Want an easy, protein-rich snack? Try Bioceuticals IsoWhey Professional for a high-protein and high-quality shake that actually tastes good.

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