Whey Protein and Weight Loss

Dr. Robert Buist (otherwise known as “Dr. Bob”)  developed IsoWhey, believing there is a need for a meal replacement product containing high quality protein that can be quickly absorbed.

“As you know, if you eat chicken or fish or steak you're going to get these big chunks of meat sitting in the stomach, it's hard to digest,” he said.

“If you've actually got the IsoWhey protein it dissolved 100 per cent in water and it does so in very quick period of time.”

The whey protein in the powder is the key ingredient, according to Dr. Bob.

He said many diets may cause people to lose weight on the scales but they are often losing muscle tissue and that is needed to burn fat.

The idea is this, you replace one-to-two meals a day with a shake or protein bar, along with a healthy diet plan minimising carbohydrates.

Exercise is encouraged but you can do without it.

Exercise physiologist Dr Jarrod Meerkin admits he was sceptical of IsoWhey at first, but did his own research and now believes it could be useful for anyone who needs a kick-start.

“If there is someone out there morbidly obese or overweight, this product may be a way to help them get under way with their weight loss journey,” he said.

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Emed Comment

I have been using a recommending Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) for many years.

I first came into contact with a moderate to high protein diet while training as an athlete for the Australian Rowing Team and member of the Victorian and Australian Institutes of Sport.

Back then the sports nutrition was not as developed as it is today and the powders tasted pretty ordinary. Thank goodness things have changed!

Since finishing rowing, but still keeping a reasonable level of fitness I have continued using a good source of bio-available protein to maintain lean muscle mass.

I recommend protein adequate diet to many of my patients and have included it as part of the Emed Wellness Protocol and Optimum Nutrition.


Pharmafoods IsoWhey Complete is available on Emed in three flavours:

  • Double Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Strawberries and Cream


I have found for many years that reducing your refined carbohydrate is better at burning fat than just cutting calories.

Indeed recent studies show that those eating fewer refined carbohydrates lost almost double the weight of those who just cut their calories.

The reason for this is that a low carbohydrate diet forces the liver to preferentially burn more excess fat.

Also, if you just try and reduce your carbohydrates without using a quality protein source you end up getting hungry.

The more hungry you are the greater the chance of making a 'dietary mistake' and eating something you shouldn't like Maccas or a piece of chocolate.

The beauty of using a good protein source is that it increases level of siaty or fullness. That is, you don't feel as hungry between meals because you have eaten something that helps turn off some of the chemical triggers in your brain that drive hunger.

Instead of looking at drugs to combat obesity and the diseases thatstem from it, optimising your diet can not only manage and treat thesediseases, but also prevent them.

Food for thought.


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