HealthScope Pathology

Healthscope Pathology is part of Healthscope Ltd, Australia’s largest provider of integrated healthcare.

Healthscope is a cutting edge pathology business with a major presence in all states of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. Healthscope have a long history in Australian pathology and have grown to be one of the largest providers in Australia.

Healthscope Pathology previously traded as:

  • Gribbles Pathology (Vic) Pty Ltd in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania
  • Davies Campbell de Lambert Pathology, Newcastle Pathology, Nextpath and Healthscope Pathology in New South Wales
  • Healthscope Pathology in Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory
  • General Pathology Laboratories (GPL) and Cutaneous Pathology in Western Australia

HealthScope Functional Pathology testing provides scientific insights into patients’ states of health and wellness.

Functional Pathology tests are performed within HealthScope’s expansive core laboratory by a team of highly qualified scientific and technical staff.


Healthscope Functional Testing Available:


If you would like to know more about health scope functional testing, speak to your Emed Practitioner Today.