Make More Using Emed, Rather Than Doing It Yourself

10% may not sound like much, but is a great deal in the increasinglycompetitive world of natural medicine and health products. Sure you maybe able to on-sell a handful of products within the clinic or yourbusiness. However, buying the products up front, setting up andmanaging the accounts, maintaining supply and keeping your pricecompetitive is not easy. Also, while you may make 30% on one or twoproducts(until the client finds a cheaper place to buy), we provide 10%on 1000's of products across the ENTIRE Emed range.

Yes you may well supply some 'doctors own glucosamine', but whenyour patients find out that they can obtain a better product at acheaper price – you look like you have been ripping them off. Indeed itis the same thing I have faced in my own clinic. Patients where able tobuy products cheaper than I was able to purchase them at wholesale!Very embarrassing, and suddenly you feel like your selling.

Emed avoids all this. Our tremendous purchasing power and ability tosupply hard to get practitioner only products sets us apart. Ifhowever, your client wants a product manufactured to a price – we canprovide that option for them. (However, we are never going to stockCenovis). 

Unless you are concocting your own herbal formulas it is far morecost effective for you to use Emed. But even then, think about themargin on spending 15 minutes packaging your own formula, as opposed togetting on and treating the next patient. Let someone else likeBlackmores or Bioceuticals worry about product liability, qualitycontrol and cross contamination issues. Your time is better spent doingwhat you do best – treating patients. 

Another point worth considering is this you will still continue toreceive your commission, long after the client has finished with yourservices and you are treating the next new patient. No mess. No fuss.


So, what have You got to lose?

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