Schools and School Groups

Would you like to achieve better results from the children at your school?

Would you like to keep them happy and healthy, whilst also supporting the school?

Would you like a regular monthly income, streamed directly into the school's bank account – without lifting a finger?

Then ECAP for Schools is the program for you.

What's In It for Your School? 

Emed understands that most schools and school groups can benefit greatly from a little helping hand – from a health resource – and financially.

In an effort to raise awareness of good nutrition and the importance ofchemical free organic health products, Emed has developed a programthat is designed to work in conjunction with your school to create anew kind of fundraising.

Emed is offering this unique  program to all schools and school groups across Australia. By joining our corporate affiliate program called ECAP; your school has the opportunity to receive virtually unlimited ongoing financial support.

Emed’s huge range includes sporting supplements, sporting braces, pillows, heat packs, skin care, washing powders, shampoos, protein powders, products for children and all types of natural medicine.

Whatever the ailment, Emed can provide a natural solution to better health.

As an Emed sponsored school, we will give you the opportunity to raise money by recommending Emed to members of your school community and the general public.  This may be by word-of-mouth, hand-outs, signage – it is really up to you.  And better yet, there is no contracts, no tricks – just money into your school’s bank account.

Sounds Easy – Because It Is 

Sounds easy doesn’t it? That’s because it is. The only thing you have to do is refer your school community, parents, friends etc. to our website and for every purchase they make, we will give a massive 10% of the price back to your school. Money for jam really. 

To start raising money, the only thing your community needs to do is to identify themselves as being part of your school. We take care of the rest. This takes place via a drop down list at subscription. And once it is done, every time they log in to Emed, we know they are from your club.

Your club will receive 10% of the total purchase from each order. And unlike other sites, we won’t limit the number of purchases. It is a quick, easy and foolproof system that is currently being utilized by many schools, sporting clubs, healthcare professionals and gyms around Australia. How about yours? 

When members of your school community purchase products, 10% of their purchases will be given back to your school. This means that virtually unlimited funds be rewarded to your school for advertising that Emed is a sponsor of your school.

Credits will be transferred into the school’s bank account at the end of each month, and a computerised summary can be sent out upon request listing details about the reimbursement.What could you buy for the school with the extra funds raised?

Start Saving Now 

If you decide to join the program we will give a massive 10% OFF all your school purchases. That's sure to help the bottom line.

Remember this is a genuine 10% off prices that are lower than pharmacy's and health food stores. There is no 'discounting' of inflated prices like you would see in multi-level marketing schemes. 

Imagine, you start saving straight away on a massive range of products including:


We will give a special code on registration, that you can use on your purchases immediately. 

No Gimmicks 

We don’t believe in contracts that lock you in, and we certainly don’t like gimmicks that promise you something then never deliver. You can opt out of this at any time – but really the system is so good, why would you (or your school) want to?

Emed also doesn’t demand exclusivity; your school can have as many other sponsors as it wants.

Establish Another Income Stream

Our system of school sponsorship allows you to raise as much as you want it to. If you choose not to advertise Emed, that is your choice. However to earn more money, people will need to name your school as the referrer.The greater the number of member of the school community that are aware and use Emed; the greater your potential to raise funds.

For example, if a member of the school community purchases $100 of health products in one month from Emed you will receive $10. However if 100 people order $100 of natural medicine, braces, supports, pillows etc., which is quite easy to do given our diversity of products, then your school will receive $1000 rebate. The theory is simple and yet very powerful. 

Imagine this: You are in the supermarket and don’t know what health product to buy, but the girl at the checkout is busy scanning 2 minute noodles. Where is someone to help you decide?

Our product pages contain comprehensive details on every aspect of that product and if there are any questions you would like answered on any products, you can email Dr. Hooper or a member of the Emed team directly.

Emed offers a portal into the world of natural medicine. We have over 2000 pages of information, advice and products, as well as current health articles, vitamin and mineral information. 

Emed also offers a full section on major health ‘Conditions’; which lists many different ailments, symptoms and specific medications that can help ease these common complaints.

Emed is the first and only Australian natural medicine website to match conditions and specific medications. And with more research and products being released everyday, it is a great health resource for the members of your school. 

With the information Emed provides, your members will be able to make an informed choice about which natural medication is right for them, or work in conjunction with their treating practitioner to achieve the best possible outcome – and support your business in the process.

Natural Medicine – Not Just For Adults

Just as you may get an afternoon brain blur, children can feel the same thing… all day!

Skipping breakfast and eating sugary snacks sure doesn't help, but did you know that the nutrients that some children lack may be the cause of their inability to concentrate?

It's hard to get everything we need from our diet, and try as we will – the fruit, meat and vegies today simply don't contain as many nutrients as they used to. We've all been told about taking a daily multi. What you're not told is that a multivitamin supplement can help boost a child's health, immunity, energy and concentration. Taken everyday, children have shown a vast improvement in behaviour, concentration, grades and performance in sports when they are provided with the correct nutritional support.

And how about all those claims about fish oil? We've all seen the ads and read the articles in the magazines, but does fish oil really help a child's brain development and concentration? In a word – YES! In recent studies, it has shown to be more effective than Ritalin in treating ADD.

Studies have shown that fish oils can help children with:

  • Improved concentration
  • Calming the symptoms of ADD and ADHD
  • Improved learning
  • Reduces the difficulties of Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
  • Assists in developing language skills
  • Helps with the management of Autism
  • Helps to control blood sugar levels and assists in the prevention of Diabetes
  • Assists visual and brain development in children
  • Assists in reducing cravings for fatty foods

But with so many natural medicines for kids out there – which one is best? The answers – and the products – are on Emed.

Simply Change Your Members Spending Habits 

A huge number of people take natural medicine and buy health products everyday. Many of the members of your school community are probably buying their health products from the supermarket or health food store right now.

By referring these people to Emed, you can benefit from their spending – health related purchases that they are going to make regardless.

All you have to do is change their spending habits and we will reward your school for many years into the future. 

Currently Emed stocks many brands but it is always evolving and growing. We are constantly updating our brands and products every week, and are always researching new additions to the natural medicine market.If there is a product that your members would like to buy from Emed, we will happily try to add this product to our range.

Emed is always expanding its range of sporting products, including braces, sporting supplements and recovery tools. But our objective is not to carry all the natural medicines – only the best.

So, what have You got to lose?

Join ECAP now by completing the relevant section of the subscription from.