About Us

Hi There and if this is one of the first pages you are reading on the site – Welcome. Hope you like what we are doing.

Emed is an Integrative Medicine Practice that powers are very large eClinic, or online practice,which helps helps people all around the world.

We started in 2005, as a very small operation and have grown beyond expectation. Over 20,000 patients and, up to 2.8 million hits a month. We keep it lean. We help a lot of people.

We use cutting edge technologies and scientific testing, the best natural medicines from all the top suppliers combined with some good old fashion service and personal attention to detail.

We identify that many people just like you, use the internet to search for questions regarding their health. Heck we have all used Dr. Google.

It is always good to double check if the product you are buying is doing what it supposed to do – and you are getting your health products at the right price.

This is where Emed comes in; we help you bring it all together and get you in control of your health.

Here is how…