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Nigella – Clean Eating is a Disorder!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.14.32 AMDomestic Goddess Nigella Lawson has recently stated that she is disgusted by the mantra of clean eating, inferring that clean eating is in fact a euphemism for an eating disorder.

Clean food refers to eating food as close to its natural state as possible yet many people take it to extremes.

As Lawson told the BBC’s  Woman’s Hour:  “People are using certain diets (such as clean or raw eating) as a way to hide an eating disorder or a great sense of unhappiness with their own body.”

By its very name, “clean eating” makes the clear assumption that any other form of eating is “dirty or shameful”. Additionally as Lawson points out; the movement also pushes a philosophy that tells us that the state of our integrity is largely determined by what we put on our grocery list.

Clean eating, when taken to the extreme, equates to devotees considering themselves to being more pure when compared to others.

We are constantly being exposed to celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr who Instagram their latest clean eating smoothie, snack or meal. According to Nigella, no longer is it about the unprocessed food we’re being encouraged to eat, but the hype we’re required to swallow as these people appear more virtuous by using food as a status symbol.

Simply put food should not be used as a way of persecuting ones self.


Emed’s Comment

Known as  orthorexia, the name given to the “unhealthy obsession with otherwise healthy eating” (as defined by the National Eating Disorders Association in the UK) can be assigned to the obsessive action of poring over every ingredient before anything passes ones lips.

Eating good food such as quality sources of protein and anti-inflammatory nutrients in each meal like organic eggs, grass fed red meats, organic/free range poultry, fish, legumes, nuts and seeds, dark green leafy veggies and berries leads to optimum health.

Likewise avoiding or reducing processed foods such as white breads, biscuits, pastas, dairy milk (which also have pro-inflammatory effects on the body) advances a healthy body and mind.

However our diet does not define who we are as people. It is our actions that define the state of our integrity.

No one can be 100% positive all the time. The key to success lies not in avoiding negative thoughts, but in what action you take in those negative moments.

Identifying negative emotions is a useful motivation for moving away from what one doesn’t want. Likewise feeling positive emotions is useful motivation for moving towards what one does want.

Anger, sadness, jealousy and hatred are termed ‘negative emotions’ because they make you lose confidence and feel miserable about yourself and others

Positive emotions are those that inspire confidence and make you fell better towards yourself and others and include joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, inspiration, awe and love.

By all means eat a healthy diet, allow for those occasional treats and incorporate a realistic exercise routine.

But Nigella is right…what you eat does not define you as being more virtuous or pure over someone who doesn’t eat as ‘clean’.

In the long run, it is your actions that make you the person you are and what, ultimately you will be judged on!


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