Step Away From The Soft Drink – It's Killing You!

Scientific evidence has finally validated what many people may consider to be common sense when it comes to food intake, specifically soft drink consumption. 

A large-scale epidemiologic study has conclusively linked high intake of soft drinks, as well as other sugar-sweetened beverages such as fruit juice and sports drinks, to thousands of deaths worldwide. 

180,000 deaths each year to be precise. 

Apart from being packed with sugar and harmful chemicals, soft drinks significantly increase body weight which, in turn, increases death rates from diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. 

Although it has long been known that having a high body-mass-index (BMI) increases risk of numerous diseases, this study has gone further to prove that excess weight gain is attributable to soft drinks and as a consequence, there is an increased risk of death and disease throughout the global population. 

Unsurprisingly, the big Beverage Companies have voiced their concerns over these results, however, we hope that this is the first of many studies to come that will spur Health Policy makers into action to make firmer dietary recommendations regarding the consumption of soft drinks.

It is no shock that so many people are hooked on soft drink, as we are constantly exposed to overt advertising for these drinks and have the convenience of soft drink vending machines around every corner and availablility in every store.

What's more is that soft drinks are designed to have addictive qualities such as interfering with our natural satiety signals, and being packed with sugar which sets your body off on a blood-sugar roller coaster to keep you coming back for more. 

Diet soft drink devotees will be disappointed to know that “sugar-free” sodas are no better for you than the original versions, as artificial sweeteners have been proven to cause significant metabolic problems and still contribute to weight gain. 

To see a pictorial on how soft drinks affect the body, click on the following link- The Effect of Soft Drink on Health.png


Breaking Soft Drink Addiction

Sure, soft drinks are the natural companion to greasy food and seem extra refreshing on those hot days, but is the weight gain, fatigue, cravings and disease risk really worth a gulp of that chemical-laden sugary goodness?  

And don't forget about the second soft drink you'll need a few hours later once your blood sugar levels plummet leaving you feeling like a ravenous zombie. 

To kick your soft-drink habit once and for all, start by re-hydrating yourself with an adequate water intake and replacing essential vitamins and minerals that are depleted by frequent soft drink consumption.

Why? When your body is dehydrated and nutrient deplete, it will be harder to break your addiction to sugary drinks and you are more likely to crave junk foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients.

The most important nutrients in this case are the water-soluble ones, Magnesium, B-Complex Vitamins and Vitamin C. Coincidentally, most of these nutrients play an important role in blood sugar regulation and help to curb sugar cravings! 

Speak to your Emed Practitioner for more advice on improving your diet and kicking the soft drink habit for good. 

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