Vitamin D Deficiency

Recent “slip, slop slap” programs in Australia which seek to decrease skin cancers caused by excessive sunlight can be problematical as deficiencies of vitamin D can be a result.Sun Vitamin D

A reasonable amount of exposure to sunlight should be maintained while supplementation can be of assistance in cases where exposure to sunlight is contra-indicated.

Vitamin D deficiency can not only contribute to rickets and osteoporosis, but also to Calcium loss in the bones of the inner ear resulting in hearing loss, especially in the elderly.

Most often the first symptoms are caused by myopathy with muscle pain, fatigue, muscular weakness, gait disturbances and osteomalacia (softening of the bones)

Absorption of Vitamin D can adversely be affected by:

  • mineral oil
  • antacids
  • cortisone
  • liver and gall bladder disorders
  • some cholesterol lowering drugs

Shortsightedness can be a result of Vitamin D deficiency due to the vitamin’s affect on the muscles of the eye. Vitamin D has been successfully used in the treatment of conjunctivitis.

Other symptoms van include:

  • weakness
  • decreased muscle tone
  • fatigue
  • cramps
  • constipation
  • emotional agitation
  • reduced serum cholesterol
  • diminished kidney function.


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