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Online consultations, simply more convenient!

A significant step in the future of natural health care.email-dermatologist

Described by current users as intuitive and accessible, efficient with effective results, and a time and hassle saver, it seems that the movement toward online health care consultations are a definite for our future.

In the US patients are even seeing their GP’s via online methods with great success for both patient and practitioner.

A recent Harris Poll survey revealed that more than 25% of healthcare patients would choose online consultation if the alternative was available to them.

Many Australian Naturopaths are already currently using communication programs such as Skype and email to provide online services to their clientele with excellent results.

Whilst the traditional face-to-face consultation has considerable value that is not discredited, the availability for online consultations provides an appealing alternative for patients requiring efficient and accessible natural health care.

During an online consultation the Natural Health Practitioner is able to see how the patient looks, hear how they sound, and observe their body language, providing much of the extra information derived during a face-to-face or in-person consultation.

This information helps the practitioner to assess the patients health, recommend appropriate testing and provide a treatment plan that will best address their presenting condition.

Certainly there is an element of expertise involved for the practitioner to convey attentive listening and eye contact which is important to the overall clinic experience which our Naturopaths are well able to provide.


What are the benefits of online consultations?

  • Time efficient, reducing time away from family and work
  • Cost effective, reasonable rates combined with reduced travel and time away from work
  • Convenient, clients are able to see naturopaths from the comfort of their homes, the convenience of their office, or even on-the-go via smart phones and mobile devices
  • Great for parents no longer need to drag their entire family along to a consultation
  • Accessible from all areas including rural, interstate and even overseas!
  • Naturopaths are able to look, listen and engage, enabling them to best prescribe treatment plans for best customer outcomes
  • Provides a safe patient oriented service
  • May provide further insights to Naturopaths as they see clients in their usual environment
  • Health fund rebates are available as per face-to-face consultation

Emeds comment

skype01At Emed we have already implemented this innovative method of delivery for our patients.

Quality professional natural health care should be accessible to everyone, by providing online consultations Emed are opening doors for people who are time poor, live in remote and rural areas, have busy family lives or just prefer to not come into the clinic.

Emed currently uses Skype and GoTo Meeting to provide this service.


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