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    MTHFR Gene Test

    The MTHFR gene is also associated with cardiovascular disease, miscarraige, anxiety and depression.

    This is a buccal swab test – a pathology test kit will be posted to you and they samples can be taken in the comfort of your own home.

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    Bioceuticals Theracurmin

    Theracurmin BioActive 300mg could be the solution to Arthritic pain.

    With nearly 30 times increased bioavailability than regular cucurmin, one capsule is bioequivalent to 810mg of ordinary curcumin powder. Save 20% This Week!

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    Welcome to the Emed Clinic

    Emed is an Integrative Medicine Practice that helps helps people all around the world.

    Our mission is to improve health worldwide by providing the best Integrative Medicine based on your own genetic information, metabolic, toxicant, food allergy, food additive and nutritional testing currently available.

    Emed provides acces to the most up to date health information and Practitioner Only Natural Medicines to support your quest for better health by enhancing your genetic expression.


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    Emed Everyday Low Price Guarantee

    Emed is happy to announce a price reduction of all our Practitioner Only Brands.

    This includes the very popular BioCeuticals and Metagenics ranges.

    Every product that we sell reflects our commitment to providing you the best quality products, service and advice at the best possible prices.

    You can now enjoy lower prices 365 days a year.

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    Australian Fitness & Health Expo – Free Ticket Giveaway!

    Get ready for the 2015 Australian Fitness & Health Expo that will sprint into the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 10-12th April.

    The Fitness and Health Expo in Melbourne is the largest fitness event in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Enjoy world class events, stimulating fitness demos and stock up on the latest fitness equipment, apparel, sports nutrition and supplements from over 200 exhibitors offering great show only specials.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.31.36 amWe have 6 double passes to giveaway! Like & Share the Fitness & Health post on Emed’s Facebook page for your chance to win!

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    Oil Pulling – Miracle Cure or Waste of Time?

    Want to whiten your teeth, clear up your complexion and prevent bad breath?

    A simple oil gargling routine in the morning could be the answer. Yes, oil gargling!

    Oil pulling - swishing oil around your mouth for 20 minutes a day - is said to be a powerful means of maintaining good health as well as an effective cure for a variety of ills.

    Emed looks closer at the ancient Ayurvedic ritual of oil pulling and see if its worth the hype.

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    Victorian Premier Says “Yes” to Maccas


    Only six weeks into office, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews unequivocally stated his support for the retention of a McDonald's in Victorias Royal Children's Hospital (RCH), stating that"having a McDonald's at the RCH was in the best interests of the community".

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    Bitter Genetics – How Your Taster Genes Determine The Food You Eat

    Why do some people seem to enjoy Brussels sprouts, while others can't stand them?

    The answer may be that genetic variation prevents some people from tasting bitter flavors found in certain vegetables.

    About 25% of people are unable to taste a chemical called PTC similar to the bitter components found in cabbage, raw broccoli, coffee, tonic water, and dark beers.

    These people are essentially "taste-blind"—and compared to those who do respond to bitter foods, taste-blind people find most food and drink to be less bitter, or not bitter at all.

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