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    Bioceuticals Theracurmin

    Theracurmin BioActive 300mg could be the solution to Arthritic pain.

    With nearly 30 times increased bioavailability than regular cucurmin, one capsule is bioequivalent to 810mg of ordinary curcumin powder.

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    What If You Could Prevent a Heart Attack or Slash the risk of Stroke?

    Measure the Biomarkers. Address the Deficiencies.

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    Welcome to the Emed Clinic

    Emed is an Integrative Medicine Practice that helps helps people all around the world.

    Our mission is to improve health worldwide by providing the best Integrative Medicine based on your own genetic information, metabolic, toxicant, food allergy, food additive and nutritional testing currently available.

    Emed provides acces to the most up to date health information and Practitioner Only Natural Medicines to support your quest for better health by enhancing your genetic expression.


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    Emed Everyday Low Price Guarantee

    Emed is happy to announce a price reduction of all our Practitioner Only Brands.

    This includes the very popular BioCeuticals and Metagenics ranges.

    Every product that we sell reflects our commitment to providing you the best quality products, service and advice at the best possible prices.

    You can now enjoy lower prices 365 days a year.

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    2 Week Detox Program Facebook Giveaway!

    Feeling a little bloated after the festive season? In need of a good detox?

    Well here’s your chance to win an Emed 2 Week Express Cleanse valued at $309.00!

    Emed Express 2 Week Detox Package includes: 

    • 2 x eConsults (at beginning and end of detox)
    • Detox products with practitioner recommendations (14 day supply)
    • Detox booklet including food lists, recipes, sample menu planner and more
    • 2 Week Detox Diary
    • Practitioner support via email throughout detox
    • Free shaker for protein shakes
    • Free dry skin-brush

    How to Win:

    1. Head to the Emed Facebook Page and ‘Like’ us.
    2. ‘Share’ the 2 Week Detox Program Giveaway Page with your friends.
    3. That’s it – you’re in the draw to win this great pack!

    Winner will be contacted on the 15th January 2015

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    Ubiquinol Linked to Improved Male Fertility

    Ubiquinol, the activated form of CoQ10, could provide hope for infertile men according to the results of a recent clinical trial.

    The double-blind, placebo-controlled trial sought to investigate the effects of ubiquinol on sperm density, motility and morphology in infertile men with unexplained oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (OAT).

    OAT is characterised by low sperm count, poor sperm movement and abnormal sperm shape, and is one of the leading causes of male subfertility.

    For six months, 228 men were randomly assigned to receive either a 200mg oral dose of ubiquinol or placebo. At the completion of the trial all three parameters (density, motility and morphology) had improved.

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    For millions of people, the simple act of petting a cat, dusting the shelves or opening a window invites sniffles and sneezes. But it' not the cat, dust or pollen that's responsible for your symptoms - it's an overreaction by your own immune system.

    What is it?

    'Allergic rhinitis' is the medical term for the nasal symptoms caused by allergies to a variety of airborne particles. The condition can be an occasional inconvenience or a problem so severe that it interferes with almost every aspect of daily life.

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    Sciatica is the term given to pain down the leg, which is caused by irritation of the main nerve into the leg, the sciatic nerve. This pain tends to be caused where the nerves pass through and emerge from the lower bones of the spine.

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