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Emed Provides The Best Health Products Matched To Your DNAo_01.jpg

Emed provides the Best Natural Medicines, Health Products and Practitioner Strength Supplements matched to Your DNA, Metabolic and Individual Nutritional requirements - Delivered direct to You.

Emed's mission is to improve health worldwide by providing the best Integrative Medicine based on Your own genetic information (DNA), metabolic, toxicant, food allergy, food additive, and nutritional testing currently available.

Emed provides access to the most up to date health information and practitioner only natural medicines to support Your quest for better health by enhancing Your genetic expression.

No matter what Your health complaint or concern, Your health goal or objective, we can devise a strategy to assist You achieve a better quality of life.

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Emed is happy to announce a price reduction of our most popular products in the Bioceuticals and Metagenics ranges. 

Every product that we sell reflects our commitment to providing you the best quality products, service and advice at the best possible prices.

You can now enjoy lower prices 365 days a year.

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Wouldn't it be good to source the best products available from all the top companies? Well now you can.

If you do not have time to hunt around, do all the research, read all the product information BUT want the best products we have - then this section is for you.

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weight loss.pngEmed 6 Week Weight Loss Program
Have you tried every fad diet under the sun to no avail? Are you feeling ...
Products A-C
Healthy Home Healthy Family.jpgHealthy Home Healthy Family - Is where you live affecting your health?
Healthy Home Healthy Family is a compilation of ten years of research. Within its pages ...
Products N-Z
Thera Band Resistance Bands.jpgThera-Band® Resistance Bands
Thera-Band® Band Loops provide continuous loop elastic bands in the same colors and resistances as ...
Products D-M
reactivatehardcore_250x150.jpgMusashi Re-Activate Hardcore
Musashi Re-Activate Hardcore is a carbohydrate based pre-workout formula that will help you train harder ...
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MSK .pngEmed Musculoskeletal Profile
Emed's Musculoskeletal Profile is designed to encourage people not to ignore their symptoms or mask them with medications, but to discover nutritional deficiencies at early stage to effectively prevent and ... MORE >
thyroid profile.pngEmed Comprehensive Thyroid Profile
In addition to testing TSH, T3 and T4 levels as the Standard Thyroid Profile does, Emed's Comprehensive Thyroid Profile also covers reverse T3 levels and thyroid antibodies.  MORE >
arthritic profile.pngEmed Arthritic Profile
Emed’s Arthritic profile exceeds conventional assessments of arthritis to look at the processes underlying your condition.  MORE >