Good Nutrition for the Whole FamilyIn this section we explore the concepts, myths, mis information and mystery surrounding diet and Nutrition.

Remember, we are about Optimum Nutrition. Not just minimum RDA’s so you don’t drop dead, get scurvy or rickets. RDA’s are so last century.

We believe that you should eat well and supplement well. And we now have the technology to do so. Check the eClinic for more detail.

You cannot medicate yourself out of a disease you are eating yourself into.

Nor can you just rely on your diet to provide all your nutrients – because we all eat commercially grown food. Thanks Monsanto! One without the other will always lead to a sub-optimal status.

The thing is, if we talk about a ‘good diet’ – what does that actually mean?

A ‘good diet’ for the average GP or nutritionist is 6 to 8 serves of wheat a day. If you think that is ‘good’ then perhaps you need to spend some time extracting yourself from the 80’s and come up to speed.

However, a great diet, or great nutrition can be just that – a lot of fun. Your stomach does not have to think your throat has been cut.

Through your diet you are talking to your genes.  The very food you eat, will up regulate and down regulate your genetic expression. It switches on (or off) the genes that help determine our health and avoid disease.

So have fun with it. Eat as many colours as you can in your foods. Avoid the deep fried, ‘dead stuff’, and keep off the grains. Read on.