Emed Integrative Medicine Testing

Emed has partnered with a number of leading specialist medical diagnostics companies in Australia, America and Europe to generate a new division called Emed Integrative Medicine.

Emed Integrative Medicine will provide a range of general, functional and complementary medicine pathology testing. Emed Integrative Medicine also provides specialised reference testing normally used on elite athletes or high end medical facilities.

Emed members can now access highly scientific and cutting edge specialist testing.

Introducing a New Concept in Health Care

Emed Integrative Medicine pathology testing is well beyond the scope of general services routinely supplied by the ‘local GP’ and Medicare.

Emed Integrative Medicine reporting is strongly science based; providing the most up to date recommendations in the field of nutritional and natural medicine.

However, all patholgy and specialist testing reports generated are written in a manner that you can understand, with real recommendations for real people – just like you.

We will match pathology test outcomes with nutritional strategies and natural medicine that make sense and in a manner that you can really use. No more guessing.

Emed Integrative Medicine is about empowerment.

By performing highly scientific pathology testing, analysing the results and providing comprehensive easy to understand reporting, we will assist you in taking control of your health.

Imagine finally knowing what to eat, what to do and what to take in the management of your specific condition or pursuit of better health?

Our range of scientific testing will determine the solution to your health problems once and for all. We will help you feel the best you can possibly feel everyday.

Get the Facts – not opinion.

We will tell you, based on current evidence, what to take and when to take it.