Practitioner Only Natural Medicine

practitioner-onlyPractitioner Only Natural Medicine

Emed is an Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Practice that provides nutritional and dietary protocols to patients through The Clinic and The eClinic.

As with all Clinics, certain medications require a consultation before they are provided. Emed is no different.

For the best results we recommend that all new patients have an eConsultation through the eClinic or attend the Emed Hawthorn Clinic – the old fashioned way.


Why Are There Different Types of Natural Medicine?

If you are new to Practitioner Only natural medicine it can be a little daunting as to understand the regulations associated with dispensing this type of product.

If you are a supplier, reviewing our website to assess our policies and how we dispense natural medicines then you are on the right page.

We classify all products into the following categories:

  • Restricted Natural Medicines – Available to Members when you Register with Us. Some Restricted brands include: A’kin, Abode, Alchemy, Amazonia, Ancient Minerals, Blackmores, Dentons, Flexeze, Herbs of Gold, MTHFR Support Australia, Oriental Botanicals.
  • Practitioner Only Natural Medicines – Available to Patients who complete a Health Review Consultation on Registration.
  • Clinic Only Natural Medicines – Available to Patients who complete a Consultation.