Clinic Only

Clinic Only Natural Medicine

Clinic Only Natural Medicine, as the name suggests, is only available to Emed Patients who complete a Consultation – at your place or ours.

The great news is that we provide a FREE Initial Consultation  – Saving You $79.95.

This consultation can be completed at the Emed Clinic or Skype video app in the comfort of your own home or office.

Clinic Only Products include (but are not limited to) those supplied by manufacturers such as:

  • Metagenics
  • Optimal Rx
  • Orthoplex White Label
  • Orthoplex Green Label
  • Pure Innovation
  • Innovative Therapies

Clinic Only products can only be seen when you’re logged in – and ONLY the ones prescribed during the Consultation.

We cannot give you access to other products in the Clinic Only range unless the specific product is prescribed to you.

The precise prescription in terms of product, dosage and repeats is at the discretion of Your Emed Practitioner.



The concept of Clinic Only health product may seem strange for Natural Medicine.

However it is necessary due to the extremely strong nature of these natural medicines.

All natural medicine should be prescribed to you, by your treating health care professional as they may interact with other health conditions or drugs you may be taking.

It is safer for you, ensures you are on the best medication possible, and will ultimately save you money while you get better faster.