US BioTek

Pioneers in ELISA methodology, US BioTek holds over thirty plus years of experience in the industry and has become the trusted name in today’s cutting-edge immunoassay technology.

Fully automated robotic systems form the framework of the state-of-the-art high-performance ELISA platform; a framework built on the foundation of a world class team of scientists and technicians. Every analyte tested for every immunoassay is run in complete duplicate for precision, that is, consistently reproducible results.

Fully licensed and accredited, US Biotek’s strong commitment and dedication to quality assurance is its tool for success and your peace of mind for sound testing solutions.

A forward-looking company, USBioTek is the first in the industry for innovative specimen collection. A whole blood specimen collection through finger stick or urine collection through a Dip N’ Dry absorbent swab are available for many of the test panels.

These provide superior specimen integrity during shipment. All specimens may be safely shipped at room temperature without compromise.

From identifying inflammation in the body, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, to environmental toxicities, food allergies and sensitivities, Rebuilding Health through Innovative Testing is the guiding principle at US BioTek.