Junk Food

Gorging on junk food may not just make you fat – it could also give you dementia. Evidence is growing that a bad diet triggers dementia by poisoning the brain.

With studies strongly implicating the hormone insulin in the process, some believe dementia to be another version of diabetes.

Bad diets are already linked to dementia, through high blood pressure and cholesterol interrupting blood supply to the brain. But the latest research points to high levels of fatty and sugary food damaging the brain by interrupting its supply of insulin.

Junk food is also irrevocably linked Diabesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer and Gangrene.

There is so much downside to eating the poison – why do we do it to ourselves?

The problem is – that it can taste soooo good.

Junk food is a constant impost on our lives.

Ads for junk food are on the telly every second of the day, every magazine, and many websites.

So how are you going to deal with it? How do you protect your kids?

Read on for some more insight.