Medicine Matched To Your DNA

Emed Provides The Best Natural Medicine Matched To Your DNA

Emed is a leader in the development of Integrative Medicine; combining genetic, metabolic, blood and nutritional testing with individualised and specific natural medicines to enhance your health and achieve your genetic potential.

Much of the health care industry is focused on treating symptoms rather than investigating underlying causes and the effect of our genetics and diet on disease.

Emed’s mission is to improve health worldwide by providing the best Integrative Medicine based on your own genetic information (DNA), metabolic, toxicant, food allergy, food additive, and nutritional testing currently available.

Emed provides access to the most up to date health information and practitioner only natural medicines to support your quest for better health by enhancing your genetic expression.

Delivered direct to you.


Imagine if You could Take Control of Your Health?

You run your life. You lead your company. You mange your department. You control that important account. You balance the books. You look after the home. You raise the kids. You choose what foods to eat.

If you can control other aspects of your life, why not take control of your health?

After all, who will value your health higher than You?


Imagine if You had access to a service that could;

  • Map your DNA, empowering you to access and understand your own genetic information.
  • Identify your own genetic risk factors for disease and chronic health conditions and maximise your potential for healthy living and healthy aging.
  • Perform metabolic, amino acid and oxidative stress analysis to asses deficiencies that are usually missed in ‘standard’ medical care.
  • Test for overall nutritional status and functional needs for vitamins and minerals.
  • Test for food allergies, food sensitivities, or reactions to food additives, colourings, antibiotics, chemicals or moulds
  • Match current health needs with your DNA risk profile.
  • Develop a nutritional strategy based on current metabolic, aminoacid, essential fatty acid, dietary and anti-oxidant requirements.
  • Provide scientific and genetically based personal recommendations todeal with current health issues, optimise health and combat genetically predisposed degenerative health conditions.
  • Provide ongoing access to the finest and largest practitioner basednutritional medicine available in Australasia delivered directly to you.
  • Provide what You want and what You need, when You want it.


Throughout your life the most profound influences on your health, vitality and function are not the Doctors you have visited or the drugs, surgery or other therapies you have undertaken.

The most profound influences are the cumulative effects of the decisions you make about your diet and lifestyle on the expression of your genes.

(Jeffrey Bland, PH.D.)