What Makes Emed Different?

Emed is unique because we are an Integrative Medicine Clinic, News Service, Health Food Store and one of Australia’s largest private practice dispensaries all wrapped in to one.

However, buying off the internet can be a concern. Why is Emed different from other Practice, eClinics or online health stores?

What makes Emed so special and the right site for you?


6 Reasons to Buy from Emed:

  1. Emed is Practitioner based; many of the products listed on this site are some of the most popular natural medicines used in health care clinics around Australia.
  2. Emed will help guide you to the right product; A cheap product from a supermarket that is not right for you – is terribly expensive.
  3. Emed will deliver for FREE anywhere in Australia for orders over $150.
  4. Emed will match any genuine advertised price or refund the difference.
  5. Emed provides Doctors and Integrative Health Care Professionals to make sure your getting the best results.
  6. Emed has a 100% money back statisfaction gaurantee. If your not happy we will give you your money back – no questions asked.


1. Emed is Practitioner Based.

We specialise in supplying Practitioner Only Natural Medicines to Emed patients and patients of practitioners all over the World.

Many of the products listed on this site are some of the most popular natural medicines used in health care clinics around Australia and New Zealand. They are tried and tested.

Products that are not of good quality and standard simply don’t make it on Emed.


2. Emed will help Guide you to the Right Product

It is our intent to provide the best product or natural medicine solution for your situation. Not something we can flog off to an unsuspecting buyer. If you purchase a cheap product from a supermarket, how do you know that is the appropriate one for you? Is the company reputable? Are their claims reasonable?

The correct product for you is always better value than a cheap product that does not do the job.


3. Emed will deliver for FREE anywhere in Australia for orders over $150.

That is right. Orders over $150 are delivered FREE.

We use Australia Post eParcel delivery, and with the express post option, many orders are delivered in one or two days.


Please check our delivery information for more details.


4. Emed will Match any Genuine Advertised Price or Refund the Difference.

If you find a site or store that sells a product that you have purchased from us for an amount lower that our price we will refund you the difference.

Please contact us with a copy of the advertised price, full details of the company involved and we will gladly refund the difference to you immediately. (Please note this excludes practitioner or wholesale discounts.)

We keep it lean and pass the savings on to you.


5. Emed Provides Doctors and Integrative Health Care Professionals to get the Best Results.

To make sure you are getting the best results from your natural medicine Emed provides the ability for you to consult with a Integrative Health Care Professional. They are paid on the service they provide – not the products they sell. This is a fundamental and important point.

We are there to guide you through the entire process of resorting our achieving better health.

From the complimentary Initial Health Review, to Metabolic and Genetic Testing and prescribing the correct product tailored to your DNA. We are also there to check your progress and keep you on track for your health goals into the future.


6. Emed has a 100% Money Back Statisfaction Gaurantee.

Obvioulsy we can’t gaurantee that your choice of natural medicine is going to cure your condition(s). But if you find fault in the product, it’s out of date, or there is some other issue then we will gladly refund your money.

If you are not happy – then we are not happy.

Please send us the product in question. We will assess the product and refund your purchase price. Unfortunately we cant refund the postage component of your purchase.