Be careful with the foods you keep on hand

“Out of sight, out of mind.” It's an old phrase that can apply to a lot of situations.

A recent study shows that this phrase can easily be applied to the number of lollies and chocolates a person eats at work, with people being more likely to consume more chocolates per day when it's in plain sight and within easy reach.

In the study, 40 adult workers (all female) volunteered to take part in a four-week study of chocolate consumption from an office candy dish.

In one phase of the study, 30 Hershey's chocolate kisses were placed either on the volunteer's desk, or 6.5 feet away (but clearly visible).

In the second phase, the candies were placed in covered bowls that were either clear or opaque, again on the volunteer's desk or 6.5 feet away.

People ate an average of 2.2 more chocolates each day when they were visible compared to being hidden, and 1.8 chocolates more per day when they were on the person's desk compared to 6.5 feet away.

While this may not seem like much, consider that one Hershey's kiss contains approximately 25 calories.

Over a five-day work week, this could add up to 275 extra calories to a person's diet, not to mention the extra sugar and fat due to chocolate consumption.

While the results of this study don't mean the end of the lollie dish, they do mean that the closer and more visible food is, the more likely a person is to eat a lot of it.

If you're going to eat snacks at work, why not snack on healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, or items that have fewer calories and are low in fat and sugar?


Emed Comment

We recommend that you eat every 2 to 3 hours during from the time you are awake until 3 hours before bed.

You should be eating at least five to six meals a day, so that you are never “starving” for food.

When you are hungry and ill prepared, you make dietary mistakes.

Instead of having lollies or chocolates at hand, have a jar of almonds, cashew and other mixed nuts.

The almonds are a great source of protein and other vitamins and fibre.

If you are going to snack on something – make is worthwhile.

Be sure to read Emed Optimal Nutritional Protocol to ensure your eating the right type of foods.