Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers – How would you like to help yours clients achieve better results and be rewarded for your encouragement?

What's In It for You?

Emedunderstands that most personal trainers can benefit greatly from a generous helping hand. 

Emed is offering a unique affiliate program to all personal trainers in Australia. By joining our corporateaffiliate program called ECAP; you have the opportunity to generate a unique and ongoing income stream to supplement your work with your clients.

Emed’s huge range includes sporting supplements, sportingbraces, pillows, heat packs, skin care, washing powders, shampoos,protein powders, products for children and all types of naturalmedicine.

Whatever the ailment, Emed can provide a natural solution to better health.

As an Emed affiliate personal trainer, we give you the opportunity togenerate an income stream by recommending Emed to your clients and members of the generalpublic.  This may be by word-of-mouth, hand-outs, signage – it isreally up to you.  And better yet, there is no contracts, no tricks –just money into your bank account.

Sounds Easy – Because It Is 

Soundseasy doesn’t it? That’s because it is. The only thing you have to do isrefer your clients to our website and for everypurchase they make, we will give you a massive 10% of the price. Money for jam really. 

To start raising money, the only thing your clients need to dois to identify themselves as being referred by you. We take care ofthe rest. This takes place via a drop down list at subscription. Andonce it is done, every time they log in to Emed, we know they are one of your clients and we look after them as good as you would.

You will receive 10% of the total purchase from eachorder. And unlike other sites, we won’t limit the number of purchases.It is a quick, easy and fool proof system that is currently beingutilized by many doctors, health care professionals, personal trainers, and sporting clubs around Australia. How about you being the next personal trainer to benefit? 

When your clients purchase products, 10% of theirpurchases will be given back to you. This means that virtuallyunlimited funds be rewarded to you for suggesting products from our extensive range to your clients.

Credits will be transferred into your bank account at the end ofeach month, and a computerised summary can be sent out upon requestlisting details about the reimbursement.What could you buy with the extra money earned?

Start Saving Now 

If you decide to join the program we will give a massive 10% OFF all your gym purchases. That's sure to help the bottom line.

Rememberthis is a genuine 10% off prices that are lower than pharmacy's andhealth food stores. There is no 'discounting' of inflated prices likeyou would see in multi-level marketing schemes. 

Imagine, you start saving straight away on a massive range of products including:


We will give a special code on registration, that you can use on your purchases immediately. 

No Gimmicks 

We don’t believe in contracts that lock you in, and we certainly don’tlike gimmicks that promise you something then never deliver. You canopt out of this at any time – but really the system is so good, why wouldyou want to?

Emed also doesn’t demand exclusivity; you could potentially have other sponsors or even other products you sell. Just use us as your online dispensory service.

Raise As Much As You Need

Oursystem allows you to raise as much as youwant it to. If you choose not to advertise Emed, that is your choice.However to earn more money, people will need to name you as thereferrer.The greater the number of your clients  that are aware and use Emed; thegreater your potential to raise funds and generate a unique and ongoing income stream.

For example, if one of your clients purchases $100 ofhealth products in one month from Emed you will receive $10. However if100 people order $100 of natural medicine, braces, supports, pillowsetc., which is quite easy to do given our diversity of products, thenyou will receive $1000 rebate. The theory is simple and yet verypowerful. 

Imagine this: You are in the supermarket and don’t know whathealth product to buy, but the girl at the checkout is busy scanning 2minute noodles. Where is someone to help you decide?

Our product pagescontain comprehensive details on every aspect of that product and ifthere are any questions you would like answered on any products, youcan email Dr. Hooper or a member of the Emed team directly.

Emed offers a portal into the world of natural medicine. Wehave over 2000 pages of information, advice and products, as well ascurrent health articles, vitamin and mineral information. 

Emed also offers a full section on major health ‘Conditions’; which lists many different ailments, symptoms and specific medications that can help ease these common complaints.

Emed is the first and only Australian natural medicine website to match conditions and specific medications. And with more research and products being released everyday, it is a great health resource for your clients. 

Withthe information Emed provides, your clients will be able to make aninformed choice about which natural medication is right for them, orwork in conjunction with their treating practitioner to achieve thebest possible outcome.

Professional Referral Pad

Asan ECAP member, when you log on to the site you will notice a unique”Practitioner Referral Pad” in the left menu system. The Referral Padworks the same was as a GP referral pad – only better, smarter andeasier.

Our Referral pad has all the smarts built into the systemthat you would expect from Emed. Making it a powerful yet easy to usepractice tool. With a little practise, in seconds you will be able toprescribe the correct natural medicine or health product to yourclients.

You can also put in special instructions for yourpatients on how to use a natural medicine or particular product. Also,you have the ability to quickly pick ANY article or story on the Emedsite and email it with your prescription.


TheProfessional Referral tool automatically constructs the email in an easy toread format balancing product information, photos and specialinstructions from you. Also we include your Businessinformation, contact details and logo or personal picture asrequired.

You can add as many products or Emed articles as you like,send the email as many times as you like to different clients asrequired.

You can print the email as a hard copy for your filesor take a screen shot and email it to yourself and save it in apaperless system.

It is SO EASY to use that even your assistant staff could generate the prescription email as yourinstruction of the correct products required by your clients.

Just imagine: Your prescription, the correct product,special instructions and related health article, superbly formatted anddelivered to your clients in box within 30 seconds.  They make thepurchase – you receive the commission. No mess. No fuss.

We Maintain the Relationship Long After the Client is Gone

When clients stop coming to your place of business they begin tobuy elsewhere.  A great multivitamin or fish oil should be taken everyday. Glucosamineshould be taken for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. Indeed many clientscontinue to take a great product that they find effective for manyyears.

It all comes down to convenience and price. It all comes down to Emed. 70% of our turnover is repeat business.

Onceinitiated clients enjoy the safety and security of purchasing throughEmed, with an average delivery time of 2 to 3 working days withinAustralia. Most International orders arrive within the week.

Youwill continue to receive commission from your clients even after theyhave stopped consulting with you. No one else can make that promise orback it up with delivery.

You will make more Using Emed, than Trying to Do It Yourself

10%may not sound like much, but is a great deal in the increasinglycompetitive world of natural medicine and health products. Sure you maybe able to on-sell a handful of products within yourbusiness. However, buying the products up front, setting up andmanaging the accounts, maintaining supply and keeping your pricecompetitive is not easy. Also, while you may make 30% on one or twoproducts(until the client finds a cheaper place to buy), we provide 10%on 1000's of products across the ENTIRE Emed range.

Yes you maywell supply some 'special product', but when your clients findout that they can obtain a better product at a cheaper price – you looklike you have been ripping them off. Indeed it is the same thing I havefaced in my own clinic. Patients where able to buy products cheaperthan I was able to purchase them at wholesale! Very embarrassing, andsuddenly you feel like your selling.

Emed avoids all this. Ourtremendous purchasing power and ability to supply hard to getpractitioner only products sets us apart. If however, your client wantsa product manufactured to a price – we can provide that option forthem. (However, we are never going to stock Cenovis). 

Unlessyou are concocting your own herbal formulas it is far more costeffective for you to use Emed. But even then, think about the margin onspending 15 minutes packaging your own formula, as opposed to gettingon and training  the next client. Let someone else like Blackmores orBioceuticals worry about product liability, quality control and crosscontamination issues. Your time is better spent doing what you do best- training clients. 

Another point worth considering is this youwill still continue to receive your commission, long after the clienthas finished with your services and you are treating the next newclient that wants to drop 20 kg three weeks prior to Christmas.

Change Client Spending Habits 

A huge number of people take natural medicine and buy health products everyday. Many of your clients are without doubt buying their health products from the supermarket or health food store right now.

You and I know that some of your clients use a massive amount of health products is the pursuit of their goals. 

By referring your clients to Emed, you can benefit from their spending– health related purchases that they are going to make regardless.

All you have to do is change your clients spending habits and we will reward you for many years into the future. 

CurrentlyEmed stocks many brands but it is always evolving and growing. We areconstantly updating our brands and products every week, and are alwaysresearching new additions to the natural medicine market.

If there is a product that you would like on Emed, we will happily take a look at it, and try and add it to our range.

Emed is always expanding its range of sporting products, including braces, sporting supplements and recovery tools. But our objective is not to carry all the natural medicines – only the best.

So, what have You got to lose?

Join ECAP now by completing the relevant section of the subscription from.