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NSW “Naturopath” Arrested


First-Do-No-HarmOver the past week (July 2015), a story has emerged regarding the arrest of a NSW based Naturopath.

According to ABC news Marilyn Bodnar, a 59-year-old registered nurse and midwife who claims also to be a naturopath, had been consulted by the mother of a young boy seeking an alternative health treatment for the baby’s eczema.

The mother was allegedly advised to stop all medical and dermatological treatment and the baby was placed on a liquid diet.

The young boy was subsequently admitted to Westmead Hospital suffering from malnourishment and developmental issues. He had lost one kilogram.

Marilyn Bodnar was charged with grievous bodily harm and failure to provide for a child, causing danger of death.

The mother, who can’t be named for legal reasons but is also a former nurse, was charged in June 2015 with recklessly causing grievous bodily harm. Additional charges include failing to provide for her baby and causing danger of death. She is on bail after appearing in Fairfield Local Court last month.

It was stated by many articles that Marilyn Bodnar is a registered member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), one of Australia’s largest associations for natural therapists. On her website Bodnar is described as a specialist in children’s and parents’ health with 26 years’ experience.

However the ATMS pertinently notes that:

“The individual who is the subject of these allegations is a nurse who was accredited with ATMS for Remedial Massage. She is not accredited with ATMS for Naturopathy and there are no records of her holding any qualifications in this area. The practitioner in question therefore is not qualified or recognised to practice Naturopathy and is working outside her scope of practice as a Remedial Massage therapist”.

As an Integrative Medicine clinic that employs a number of Naturopaths, Emed advocates fully that all Naturopaths should be fully accredited with relevant national associations such as ATMS or ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association).

This terribly sad and avoidable case indicates an important reality. Before making an appointment with a Naturopath, check with an association such as ATMS or ANTA to make sure that the practitioner you are thinking of consulting with is fully accredited with that modality.

At Emed you can be rest assured that ALL of our practitioners are both qualified and accredited with nationally recognised associations.



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