Potassium Deficiency

If you get too little Potassium the first signs are muscle weakness, tiredness and irritability.

If very low levels are not rectified, heart failure could result. Note that Potassium is easily lost in the urine.

Factors which will deplete Potassium levels:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • extreme sweating
  • processed foods
  • large amounts of caffeine
  • alcohol
  • diuretic pills
  • laxatives

The way food is prepared and cooked will affect the available Potassium n foods. It is lost from food when canning so a fresh food diet is necessary to obtain enough.

Be careful not to over cook vegetables as over boiling destroys Potassium. Steam vegetables whenver possble in a minimum level of water, and avoid adding salt to the cooking water.

Supplementing with potassium has proved helpful in preventing kidney stones, however, if you suffer from diabetes, or from kidney problems do not take a potassium supplement without your practitioners advice.