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Regular Musculoskeletal Care

Any Wellness Protocol must include the proper functioning of your central nervous system (nerves) and your musculoskeletal system (muscles/tendons/ligaments). The freeway for your central nervous system is the spinal column.

Without the correct nerve supply to your all the cells and tissues within your body NOTHING works as it should.

Some people find that physiotherapy works for them, for others it is a chiropractor or osteopath. Some find that massage or myotherapy is the key while others enjoy the benefit of chinese medine, acupuncture and cupping.

Whatever your choice, whatever your preference – find a practitioner that works for you and stick with them!

I believe that there are “healers” in all fields of medicine. These are practitioners with the unique gift of being able to help others using their chosen craft.

A classic example of this is the old traditional chinese practitioners who could help you by examining your eyes, tongue and body – without speaking more than a few words of English.

If you are waiting for pain – you are waiting too long!

Make sure that you are receiving regular preventative or “wellness orientated” care. If your practitioner is only dealing with your most immediate pain and has no long term plan to prevent injuries or illness in the future then they are not doing their job correctly.

Good health requires careful attention to your musculoskeletal system. It is, after all the system that moves you around every day and allows you to complete all the tasks you need for your work, sport and home duties.

New research is starting to show what we have been seeing in the practice for years. Those under regular care are healthier!

Better sleep, less colds and flus, more energy, less sick days, better recovery, less visits to the GP, less drug use, increased performance at sport and an increased level of wellbeing are common statements from clients under regular or preventative care.


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