Junior AFL Football Players

Often little attention is paid to the nutritional needs of children. With all the running around, school activity and stress, your childs' health can easily deteriorate.

It is crucial that your child eats well every day. This is especially important for junior athletes. Proper nutrition and hydration are pivotal for the best performance on sports and competition levels. And, contrary to popular belief; lollies, snakes and cordial simply will not cut it.

The junior athlete will play better, for longer and recover quicker from training and competition when they are well nourished. Kids who aren't getting enough total energy, protein and carbohydrates will become tired, irritable and lethargic; and will quickly fall behind the pack. These kids may even struggle to maintain an interest and enjoyment in sport – something that can be avoided.

AFL Football can be demanding and draining on even the most energetic of children. During the entire football season there are several important things to remember when feeding you active child.

The information provided will not only help on field performance, but boost recovery and help improve concentration in class.

As most clubs need a helping hand, a percentage of each sale goes back to the club, so support your club and purchase your natural medicine and health products from Emed.

Follow our advice, feed your kids well and you'll find that you have happy, healthy and energetic footballers for years to come.