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Tennis Elbow and the Epi train

epitrainTennis elbow, characterised by pain, weakness and inflammation ordegeneration of the wrist-extensor tendon that connects to the elbow, is one of those intractable overuse injures that, until recently, yielded very reluctantly to treatment.

Bymost estimates, about half of all competitive tennis players will beafflicted, a statistic that must resonate, painfully, with these athletes.

Tennis isn’t the only predisposingactivity, either. Golfers get tennis elbow, as do plumbers, painters, gardeners and accountants. (Heavy briefcases can strain the tendon.)

Treatments range from acupuncture to corticosteroids to surgery, usually with limited long-term success.

Bauerfeind, a leading manufacturer of quality orthopedic supportsand orthoses provides active support during phases of acute pain toassist the healing process and restore your mobility.

Bauerfeind’s EpiTrain and EpiPoint offer great stabilising support in the healing process and lead to a speedy recovery in those suffering from a Tennis elbow.

An additional very common injury associated with tennis is anterior (front) knee pain involving the knee cap. Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain A3 is a perfect aid to help stabilising the muscles of the knee.


Karin Ertl, Heptathlon Athlete and European Champion says:

“We athletes often develop ‘tennis elbow’ from not throwing javelins in a manner that is technically clean. That’s why I wear EpiTrain while training and competing.

It stimulates and stabilises the muscles around the joint such that I don’t run into any problems. It’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t limit me in any away.“


Emed’s Comment:

The EpiTrain is an active support. Reduced compressionat the edges of the support reduces the risk of circulation problems.

Viscoelastic pads with cut-out prevent pressure related irritation overthe elbow. This active support can provide additional support for thethumb or wrist and reduce exertion-induced pain.

The EpiPoint offers additional reinforcement with astabilising support. Its elastic band allows dynamic pressureadjustment. The viscoelastic pad exerts highly targeted compressionover the muscles to provide relief at the muscle insertion point.

The GenuTrain A3 is an active support for complextreatment of knee pain. The integrated tracking wire in the knittedfabric counteracts patellar shifting. Hence, in this way anterior kneepain is reduced.

Typical pain areas are encompassed through the newlydeveloped inside and important receptor zones of the knee joint. Painis relieved and muscles are activated.

Bauerfeind AG, a Germanmanufacturer with over 80 years of experience in producing anddistributing high-quality medical products with a full product line ofsupports and orthoses, compression stockings, shoes and insoles, andprosthetic components.

Bauerfeind’s vision is of supplying superior products that help people livefulfilling and active lives, well into their golden years.

Bauerfeind Train active supports are made with a three-dimensionalknit ensuring an anatomically perfect fit for active support andmaximum comfort.

Their Train active support product range providessolutions without side effects for the entire body, from head to toe,including supports for the back, ankle, knee, arm, shoulder, wrist andelbow.

Learn more about Bauerfiend by clicking here.


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