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CardioPack Success At The Alfred

The new combination nutritional supplement, CardioPack, produced by BioCeuticals has shown great promise in past and current trials on individuals with cardiovascular disease.

So far, research projects conducted at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, have shown that taking a combination of antioxidants and essential fatty acids appears to be more effective for cardiovascular health than taking the specific nutrients individually.

The antioxidants used in one study at the Alfred in 2010, included a combination of coenzyme Q10, magnesium, lipoic acid and selenium, along with a separate fish oil supplement, based on their evidence for supporting cardiovascular health in previous studies.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was completed by 117 patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery. Participants took the combination of nutrients for a minimum of two weeks pre-surgery and continued supplementation for one month after surgery.

At the completion of the trial, results revealed that patients taking the combination formula experienced reduced oxidative stress, increased antioxidant activity, and improved clinical recovery when compared to patients taking a placebo medication.

Therefore, researchers were able to confirm their hypothesis, that when given in combination, the nutrients used would produce a more powerful effect than any of their activities when given alone.

Additionally, the combination was deemed well tolerated and inexpensive with negligible side effects.

Current research at the Alfred is ongoing and focussed on assessing the effects of these metabolic supplements in cardiac surgery patients.

This evidence will build on the previous research showing positive results with the use of CardioPack supplementation.


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