Free Initial Consultation – Save $120.00

Online doctor consultationFree Initial Consultation

As a great introduction as to how Emed can help you, we provide a FREE Initial Consultation for All New Patients to the The Emed Hawthorn Clinic.

This outstanding offer is to assist you in making the best health choices. And provide the Best Practitioner Only Natural Medicine Available in Australia.

Click here to book your Free Initial Consultation today! Or give the clinic a call on 1300 00 3633


The Initial Consultation is designed for people who are having their first official consultation with Emed practitioners and may have a lot of ground to cover in regards to their current health needs.

An Initial eConsultation is also recommended for people who want a more in-depth health analysis and treatment plan, people who are taking numerous medications or suffer from chronic conditions.


This consultation can be completed at the Emed Clinic, located in Hawthorn Victoria.

You will have a generous amount of time to discuss your health issues with your Emed Practitioner. Please allow 30 mins for your consultation.


From this consultation your Emed Practitioner formulates a comprehensive prescription including recommendations for natural medicine products, dietary tips and lifestyle advice that will benefit your health.

From this consultation your Emed Practitioner formulates a personalised and comprehensive health report, including:

This is the first step of your wellness program and further consultations over the following weeks and months are usually required to achieve your long term health and wellbeing.