Cancer and Weight Control

Scientists are just scratching the surface of discovering the link between obesity and various types of female related cancers. Approximately 15,000 women are diagnosed each year with cervical cancer and the scientists at the National Cancer Institute are discovering that obese women have double the risk compared to lean women.

Obesity is also linked with an increase of endometrial and breast cancer. Scientists believe the higher cancer risk is because high levels of body fat increase the estrogen levels which are known to increase cancer risk. That, combined with the body's ability to make estrogen from other hormones in fat cells offers up a double whammy to overweight women.

Since nearly 65% of Australian women are overweight, this is a concern, indeed. Studies have found that women who lose 10 or more kilograms often experience the lower cancer rates as lean women. Get the weight off by eating a healthy, balanced diet combined with exercise to lower your cancer risk!