Stop The Itch! Kill Candida for Good

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.46.13 AMMillions of people are currently fighting a battle against a single-cell fungus they cannot see.

This fungus belongs to a family of yeasts called Candida albicans, and under normal circumstances it’s a harmless part of your skin, intestines, and for women, your vagina.

But Candida cells develop rapidly, and if your system is out of balance from eating unhealthy foods, taking antibiotics, fighting an illness, and more – Candida can quickly grow out of control.

The result is an astounding array of health problems that can rob you of energy and interfere with your ability to enjoy life.

Sound like you? You’re not alone.

Estimates now suggest that up to 75% of Australian women may suffer from yeast related problems at some time in their lives.

Candidiasis can lead to many conditions in the body such as thrush, abdominal bloating, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Yeast infections usually make themselves known with intense itching, burning with urination and sometimes a thick, white discharge.

While any woman can get a yeast infection, they are much more common among people with weakened immune systems.



Candida infection can occur when there’s an imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract.

It is common knowledge nowadays that antibiotics kill not only the bad guys – they also eliminate the good ones such as bifidobacterium and acidophilus, the bacteria that keep Candida under control.



Candidiasis has been around for decades, ever since we began to use antibiotics but neglected to replace the good bacteria that are destroyed along with the bad.

Another common culprit is a diet high in simple carbohydrates and sugars – good bacteria thrive on fibre, while the cells of Candida albicans feed on glucose.

Candida feeds off sugar, which is what causes the strong sugar cravings that most people with candida experience.

The more sugars you eat, the more the yeast grows out of control. The more the yeast grows out of control, the more sugar cravings you get – vicious cycle isn’t it?


Leaky Gut

If candida gets the opportunity to take over your digestive tract, this is when dysbiosis occurs.

Candida can burrow into your intestinal wall – creating tiny gaps in the membrane lining.

This leaves holes in your intestinal lining which toxins and food particles that were meant to be excreted, can now enter your bloodstream.

Whats worse is that candida emits over 70 different toxins into the blood stream and body.

When these toxins enter your blood stream they can cause imbalances in your thyroid hormones, excess production of cortisol and even autoimmune disease.


Male Candida

Don’t think we have forgotten about the guys out there, candida can happen to men too.

Candida in men occurs in the groin area; it can cause soreness, itching, and redness of the head of the penis, scrotum, and foreskin.

It’s often referred to as Jock Itch.

It is possible to pass on your candida infection to sexual partners. So when treating your infection, if you are in a a sexual relationship with someone else, make sure that you are both treated.


Emeds Comment

A yeast overgrowth can feel like it’s taking over your life.

What’s worse most conventional doctors do not recognize the symptoms of Candida overgrowth, and are clueless about how to cure it.

The good news is your body is more capable of fighting back, and winning if you give it the right tools.


Step 1. Hunger Strike!

The first step to overcoming candida is to starve it to death. This means eliminating all sugars and anything that turns into sugars in the body.

Print out this Shopping List for Yeast Control Diet.


When you take away candida’s food, sugar, and attack the yeast with herbs and supplements, it will die, causing a condition known as die off.

Die off will last from a few days to a few weeks and the severity of symptoms will vary from person to person.

Usually present are nausea, headaches, gas, irritability, diarrhoea, severe energy loss, sugar cravings, and blurred vision.

Exercise and water will reduce your symptoms by flushing the dead yeast cells more quickly from your system.

Keep in mind that you may feel worse a week or two after starting the diet.

This is because the Candida are dying and releasing their toxic byproducts into your bloodstream.

Be sure you continue on with your new diet through this phase to fully recover.


Step 2. Herbal Defence

A combination of anti fungal herbs are the best way to kill off a candida infection.

Here are Emeds Best Antifungal Supplements:


Pau d’arco bark contains substances known as naphthaquinones that have strong anti-fungal properties.

In fact, the anti-fungal properties in Pau d’arco have been clinically tested and found to be as potent as the anti-fungal properties in the prescription medication ketoconazole.

UnknownGarlic is a miracle herb that contains anti-fungal allicin that kills of Candida yeast – while still preserving our ‘good bacteria’.

This herb is essential in any candida treatment.

It is best eaten fresh, crush them and let them set for 5 minutes before eating or juicing them. This helps to release the allicin from the cells in the garlic.

If you can’t stomach raw cloves then try a Garlic Supplement.

Black walnut’s anti-fungal properties are good for treating systemic, recurring, chronic, intestinal, oral, vaginal, male and skin yeast infections.

In one recent study, Black Walnut was found to be more effective than any anti-fungal drug.

Black Walnut contains natural tannins that kill parasites, yeast and fungus.


Step 3. Re-Culture the Bowel

The strategy is simple – flood the intestines with friendly good bacteria and there won’t be room for yeast and harmful bacteria to thrive.

In the intestinal tract, probiotics normalise the acidity of the gut and help the lining of the bowels become less leaky.

For effective treatment of Candida infection you need a high potency probiotic – at least 25 billion CFU (colony forming units) per capsule.

Emeds Best Probiotics:

To give the probiotics a better chance of colonising, a prebiotic (food for probiotics) can be used at the same time.

A Fuel Source for Beneficial Bacteria is a combination of arabinogalactans and galacto-oligosaccharides that provide a food source for probiotics to grow and thrive in the digestive system.

Yogurt drinks are not recommended as these products tend to have a significant amount of sugar which in turn feeds the candida.


Step 4. Heal the Gut

As candida yeasts cause little holes to develop in the intestinal lining, to prevent any further damage this needs to be healed.

Glutamine, an amino acid, is essential to repair the gut lining.

It is anti-inflammatory and prevents further infection and infection complications.

Anti-inflammatory Mucosal Support provides high dose Glutamine, Turmeric, Aloe Vera and Zinc to soothe and heal damaged gut lining.


Step 5. Internal Douche 

To control the itch while you are killing off the Candida an old-fashioned douche works well.

The latter-day version of the douche bag is a squeezable plastic sauce bottle, sans sauce. It’s inexpensive and it works.

Once mastered, the douche routine is simple.

For four consecutive days, before you shower (night or morning) lie down in the bathtub, lifting your hips a little. Insert the nozzle of the douche bottle into the vagina and squeeze.

Shower or bathe as usual.

Douche recipe: To 200ml of warm water add: one teaspoon of acidophilus powder or contents of two probiotic capsules; three to five drops of tea-tree oil (a good antifungal, but optional if you are sensitive); 30ml of apple cider vinegar (to improve the pH balance of the vagina).


Final Thought:

Your greatest weapons against it are your diet and your patience. Frustration is likely to run high during your recovery as candida is an incredibly tenacious organism.

Stick it out, however, and know that you will eventually recover for the rewards are great.

If you follow this Candida treatment plan and are still not showing results – book an E-Consult with one of Emeds Qualified Naturopaths for a personalised anti-candida treatment plan.


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