Imagine a system that provides…

Imagine a system that provides:

  • No mess; the simplest and smartest system on one of the best health sites in Australia.
  • No fuss; a 30 second email and your prescription is sent.
  • No Stock; stock control, out of date stock, chasing suppliers, waiting for back orders a thing of the past.
  • No Accounts; no spending $1000's in the hope that you can sell it.
  • No delivery; no worries about shipping or battling with couriers.
  • No Selling; your clients get the best products at the best price.
  • No Multi-level Marketing; Hate the concept, makes us all look bad. Pumped up prices for American products.
  • Unlimited Products; We are adding products all the time. More than you could ever hope to stock in your clinic.
  • The Best in Australia; We don't stock all products – only the best. If you want Cenovis try Aldi.
  • Absolute Professionalism; We average 2 to 3 day delivery anywhere in Australia.
  • Trailing Commission; 10% on all purchases of all products from your clients. Banked every month.

Introducing a new concept in dispensing natural medicine. ECAP – You prescribe. We supply. We pay you.

Gain unlimited access to premium Practitioner-Only natural medicine and be reimbursed for every purchase your patients make.