Re-Culturing the Bowel

Proper levels of good bacteria promote intestinal health, proper immune function, and support overall health.probiotics

Excess bacteria or yeast, or the presence of harmful bacteria, yeast, or “parasites” such as amoebas and protozoas, can cause “leaky gut,” systemic inflammation, and a wide range of clinical problems.

Intestinal flora can become imbalanced by poor diets, excess stress, immunosuppressive drugs, antibiotics, or exposure to contaminated food or water, all of which are common among Australian people.

Thus, as a rule, I reinstate the good bacteria by the use of probiotics (good bacteria and yeast). Harmful yeast, and other other ‘parasites’ can be eradicated with the combination of dietary change and/or natural medicines described later in this article.

I believe that it is essential to “re-culture” the bowel at least every 6 months. If you are prone to digestive troubles or bowel problems, then this may have to be done more frequently.

As cows cannot digest grass without the appropriate bacteria in their rumen, we cannot digest our foods properly without the correct “good” bacteria.


If you are taking Antibiotics you MUST take Probiotics!

Bowel re-culturing should occur during and after the use of Antibiotics to prevent a “super-infection” or development of “antibiotic resistant bacteria overgrowths”.

By the second day of a course of antiobiotics you would have killed all the “good” bacteria within your bowel. This bacteria needs to be replentished and therefore reculturing is necessary.

Clinically, I would have to say that upwards of 90% of bowel upsets can be resolved by reculturing (in the absence of serious pathology).

Patients that have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease can have a significant improvement in their presentation by reculturing, although it is usually required more frequently.

The most efficient way of reculturing the gastro-intestinal system is to use a good probiotic product. Emed’s recommended probiotics are listed in the right column of this page. Note that these products are significantly stronger than you will get in health food stores.

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