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Cell-Logic provides healthcare solutions based on the Science and the Logic of Cell Biochemistry.

The Cell-Logic philosophy focuses on natural products which have a strong scientific basis. Research into natural medicines has been growing exponentially over the last decade, so quickly that there is an ever-expanding body of science to validate the role of natural medicines in health care.

With the direct relationship between diet and disease now being generally acknowledged throughout the world, Cell-Logic strives to contribute to the achievement of a greater community awareness of this important cause of poor health.

Wherever possible, Cell-Logic source evidence-based niche products with desirable clinical applications.

The science of Nutrigenomics holds that the molecules in our food profoundly affect the way our DNA is expressed. Cell-Logic’s Australian technology in the optimised production of Broccoli Sprout bioactives, together with international research in the field of antioxidant induction has culminated in the production of three major products recommended by Emed.

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