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Life Springs


The importance of vitamins to good health is widely known. But what you may not know is that minerals are also essential to good health. Without minerals to act as catalysts many vitamins cannot perform their necessary functions.
Minerals need to be in a form that can be readily absorbed by your body. Minerals commonly occur in a metallic form – which means that they resist interaction with water and are not always easily taken up by the body.
LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals, on the other hand, are tiny particles of minerals in suspension. The tiny size of these colloids means the Colloidal Minerals are more easily absorbed by the cells of your body.
LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals are less than 0.001 microns in diameter – or 7000 times smaller than a blood cell. They are also 10 times more absorbable than metallic minerals. LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals contain more than seventy important Colloidal Minerals.
LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals have been on the market since 1925 and continue to be enjoyed by many people every day. Their continued good health is a testimony to the positive benefits of regularly taking LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals.


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