Peptides and Sport Doping – How to Increase Your Human Growth Hormone Naturally

Over the past week the whole country has been talking about the latest sports scandal which includes the use of peptides to improve sports performance.

If you are a little confused, then I will simplify this for you.

A peptide is essentially a protein, of which there are potentially hundreds that can appear in various chains and combinations.

Many peptides appear in a variety of protein supplements and are unscheduled, however, there is a family of growth-hormone-releasing peptides, which are restricted and act in a similar manner to anabolic steroids, but are less detectable.

These synthetic varieties of peptides are most likely the types that are being investigated by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.

One of the peptides under the spotlight is the banned peptide GHRP-6 which signals to the brain to release Human Growth Hormone (HGH).


What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the most important hormones in the body, as it promotes tissue repair, increases your metabolism and helps break down fat, builds protein, supports the immune system in fighting diseases, creates lean muscles, and promotes cell regeneration in the bones, muscles, and vital organs.

After the age of 20 years old, HGH production begins to decrease and once one reaches age 30, the decrease in HGH accelerates to a faster rate.

At about the same time of age 30, people begin to notice an increase in the ageing process.

Studies indicate that your body produces about 15% less of the hormone with each successive decade.

It is widely believed that one of the leading causes of ageing is due to the decline in production of Human Growth Hormone.

Human Growth Hormone is needed in both men and women, as it a hormone that appears in the same amounts in both genders.

HGH has been reported to provide the following benefits, many of which are associated with anti-ageing:

  • helps weight loss
  • improves memory
  • builds lean muscle
  • increases energy
  • improves sex drive
  • tightens skin
  • improves sleep
  • increases endurance
  • strengthens the immune system
  • enhances strength
  • speeds healing time
  • lowers exercise recovery time
  • improves organ functionality


Why The Demand?

Ever since Human Growth Hormone has risen to fame, those into the anti-ageing game (and now on the sports field) are swearing by it.

Human Growth Hormone is a legal drug in Australia if prescribed by a doctor. Its use in anti-ageing is considered ‘off label’ by the Therapeutic Goods Administration i.e. recognized but not approved. 

Those in an endless quest for the fountain of youth or elite sports people are drawn into the benefits of weight loss, an increased lean muscle-mass and even a certain amount of age reversal.

Despite the amazing effects of HGH, when synthetically injected there are also many risks related to use. The injections provide the body with a full dose of human growth hormone so the pituitary gland will not need to release its own real HGH.

For this reason it can be hard to get off the injections because if they are stopped abruptly the person may experience a “rebound effect” in which he loses all the benefits he had gained and then some.

This is the result of the body being left without enough growth hormone, since the pituitary gland will have become lazy.

Possible side effects of HGH use include:

  • Nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • Enlargement of the facial bones (hands and feet also grow out of proportion)
  • Heart Enlargement
  • numbness and tingling of the skin
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Enlarged breast in males
  • HGH can also increase the risk of diabetes and contribute to the growth of cancerous tumors.

Furthermore, if you get the drug illicitly, you may not know what you are really getting.

Because of the high cost, HGH drugs have been counterfeited. If you are not getting HGH from your doctor, you may be getting an unapproved product.

However, it is possible to increase your own production of HGH without being prescribed the painful injection from your doctor and this is possible through HGH precursors.


How HGH precursors work?

Human growth hormone precursors don’t provide HGH directly but initiates a greater production of hormone inside the body.

The precursors under discussion are a combination of various amino acids that raises a false alarm that makes the pituitary produce more of the hormone.

These precursers are considered safe because the body seems to be able to regulate its own release of human growth hormone, which makes it virtually impossible to get too much.


The amino acids that act as the precursors are:

Branch chain AAsValine and Leucine 

  • Increase HGH output
  • Increase protein synthesis, anabolic properties


  • Increase secretion of HGH – inhibits somatostatin (which block secretion of HGH)
  • Increases response of somatotrophic cells of pituitary to GHRH
  • Works synergistically with lysine
  • Blood vessel dilatation – increases blood flow, lowers BP
  • Improves tissue repair


  • Works well only in combination with L-Arginine
  • May promote bone growth
  • Boosts HGH secretion


  • Increases secretion of GHRH
  • Improve cognition and GIT lining
  • Is a primary energy source for immune cells


  • Essential for thyroid hormone synthesis
  • Also essential for production of dopamine, adrenaline and nor adrenaline
  • Improves athletic performance


  • Improves tissue repair, muscle development
  • Stimulates HGH secretion
  • Essential component of glutathione 

Athletes and bodybuilders use HGH precursors to achieve quicker muscle recovery and increase lean muscle mass, strength and endurance.

To increase uptake, take these amino acids last thing at night and first thing in the morning to mimic natural output. They are also best taken one hour before exercise.


Did you know?

Another method of producing HGH without supplements or drugs that was been reported, is to do quick intense exercise sessions alternating between weight training and sprinting.

The higher the intensity, the greater the stimulation.

Interval training combines short 15-90 second high intensity (anaerobic) exercise within longer periods of about 300 second lower intensity (aerobic) exercises.

Exercising above the lactic acid threshold (lactic acid is produced faster than it can be cleared) is one of the strongest stimuli for HGH production.


Final Word

We are individuals with varying requirements and that applies to our HGH requirements as well; to get the best of the effects, it is always wise to talk to your healthcare provider or Emed Practitioner to decide on what quantities would prove ideal to obtain the desired results.


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