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Co-Enzyme Q10 Level Testing


Co-enzyme Q10 is a natural substance produced by the body that is knownto enhance stamina, aid weight loss, combat cancer prevent and treatheart disease. This essential element is found in all living creatures,however ageing and lifestyle factors can dramatically reduce the levelof this crucial antioxidant. Are your CoQ10 levels adequate?

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Product Description

Co-Enzyme Q10 is a natural substance produced by the body that is known to enhance stamina, aid weight loss, combat cancer prevent and treat heart disease. 

This essential element is found in all living creatures, however ageing and lifestyle factors can dramatically reduce the level of this crucial antioxidant. Are your Co-Enzyme Q10 levels adequate?

CoQ10 was first isolated in 1957, and called ¶?ubiquinone’ because it is ubiquitous in nature. It is a natural substance produced by the body, of which the main proponents are used to maintain general good health, as well as to treat heart disease and a number of other serious conditions.

Acting in conjunction with enzymes, CoQ10 speeds up the vital metabolic process, providing energy that the cells need to digest food, heal wounds, maintain healthy muscles and perform countless other bodily functions. CoQ10 is especially abundant in the energy-intensive cells of the heart, helping the organ to beat more than 100,000 times each day.

Additionally, CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant, helping to neutralise the cell-damaging molecules known as free radicals.
CoQ10 can play a crucial role in the prevention of cancer, heart attacks and other disease linked to free-radical damage. Studies have revealed that patients with poorly functioning hearts have been found to improve greatly from adding the supplement to their normal drug therapy regime.

Further research has also suggested that CoQ10 may help to protect against blood clots, lower high blood pressure, diminish irregular heartbeats, treat mitral valve prolapse, lessen the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease and relieve chest pains.

As we age, our CoQ10 levels decrease. Smoking, poor diet and statin drugs also leach this essential antioxidants from our bodies, paving the way for ill health and disease.

It is crucial that anyone with heart disease, those taking statin drugs, who smoke or have a genetic predisposition for heart disease receive the Co-Enzyme Q10 Level Test.


What will I get from the test?

After completing the Co-Enzyme Q10 test, you will have a personalised guide to your current CoQ10 levels and an ideal strategy for how to stabilise them. There will be no more running from practitioner to practitioner in the search for an answer – the information provided is priceless and could provide an end to your symptoms.

Most importantly, we will analyse the test results for you and provide an easy-to-understand but comprehensive manual and report. The comprehensive manual will show you:

  • What your CoQ10 level is, and what it should be
  • What strategy to take in order to stabilise your CoQ10 level
  • How the different foods in your diet may be affecting your CoQ10 level
  • Which exact natural medicine is right for you based on your individual result
  • What dosage and time to take your natural medicine
  • Dietary suggestions and information to promote optimal health
  • Ongoing online support from Dr. Hooper and The Emed Team to help you implement the dietary changes and get the best results from the Test


What does the cost cover?

The Initial website cost covers the processing of all information and interpretation and collation of final results into your personalised comprehensive report.

All fees for the physical blood tests and transportation are to be covered by yourself at time of appointment.

You will be given a referral after purchasing this test to take to your nearest blood collection centre. Approximate cost for the Co-Enzyme Q10 Test is $80.00.


Specimen Requirements

A blood specimen is required, which can be taken at any time of the day.  Fasting is not required.