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On the Chopping Block – Australias Healthy Lifestyle Promoters

Many of Australia’ healthy lifestyle promoters have become notorious in the mainstream media. 

Natural medicine has taken a pounding yet again.

In the wake of the furore and angst surrounding Belle Gibson, Jess Ainscough and Pete Evans , all within the past fortnight, a spotlight is brightly shining on Australias more popular healthier lifestyle promoters.

Sarah Wilson of  ‘I Quit Sugar’ fame, recently posted a well tempered but reactionary article on her blog titled Diet Doesn’t Cure Disease which describes the limitations of healthy lifestyle promotion.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.43.26 PMIn the article she highlights her concerns that an impressionable public is being encouraged to believe food can fix chronic disease.

Sarah Wilsons key points:

  • Food is not medicine if you’re chronically sick.
  • Mainstream medicine should not be sidelined.
  • Food can help prevent disease.
  • Eating bad processed food does lead to disease.
  • Changing your diet should be a gentle experiment
  • Ensure no harm is done


Sarah Wilson wrote this piece seemingly in response to the prolonged media attention / attacks of Belle Gibson, Jess Ainscough and Pete Evans to separate herself from the media onslaught.

Why are people so scared of healthy lifestyle promotion? Why is there so much reluctance to embrace alternatives? Why are people seemingly in the same field all too ready to start attacking others with a differing perspective?

Mainstream media has the inbuilt architecture to be bully, judge and executioner. If a journalist doesn’t like, understand or merely wants to ridicule a topic, they have a large audience in which to do so.

It takes a certain kind of personality to be able to not only stand up to the media but to remain steadfast in their beliefs.

It is impossible to make everyone happy all of the time, nor should one try to but with intelligent advice you will always find advocates.


Modern Medicine and Science is and can be our Ally

Initially social media was once a dynamic forum to positively promote healthy eating. Now it has ‘(de)evolved’ to a point where many websites have taken it to the extreme by convincing people to turn their backs on modern medicine and science as if it’s the enemy.

Modern orthodox medicine has a vital role in looking after the health of its population, especially in regard to acute health conditions.

Additionally we have science to thank for so many discoveries that help our world and society advance, including peer reviewed studies proving activity in nutrients and herbs which we ourselves utilise.

While healthy food intake and good lifestyle practices should be encouraged as the preferred method for preventing dis-ease and achieving health;  modern medicine and science is and should be our ally when needed.

Knowledge is Power

We all have individual needs when it comes to our health. This of course changes as we become older or as life events impact on our bodies and minds. As a rule do what works for you but under the knowledge that what worked for one person may not necessarily work for another. So by all means educate and inform yourself but know that the advise offered shouldn’t be taken as gospel, it may work on a differing level or in some cases not at all. 

It is easy to hone in on one thing that worked, when in fact it was a whole range of influences that contributed to a healthier outcome; not just in how the sickness came about but what works in individuals needs.

A one trick pony is not and should not be a promoted as a cure-all. At best it’s irresponsible and at its worst is down right dangerous.

Everyone have the right to choose their own path to healing as long as it does not impact negatively on others. There is more than one truth to healing and other choices should not be ridiculed.


Controversy Sells

As Pete Evans himself stated on a recent Facebook post controversy sells. All of the media attention (both negative and positive) raised awareness of his new childrens cookbook and the Paleo Diet. The media attention got people talking and the resulting comments, followers and exposure promoted his name and brand.

Evans clearly used the medias reach and influence against them, turning a potential negative into a positive.

Some may say that’s smart marketing!


Food Is Medicine

Food can act as a medicine both as a preventive and as a means to achieve better health outcomes in chronic disease. Take for example anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric or the anti-biotic activity of garlic.

Consider the proven nutrients that support and protect a chronically inflammed liver or the positive impact of re-culturing the bowel in cases of irritable bowel syndrome.

There are also those people who contend that whole foods do not cure anything. What they do is clean out the plaque, free radicals, alkalise the system and get the digestive system working properly again. Then the BODY heals itself. In this way food also acts as medicine.

What ever your stance, nutrition, nutrients and herbs have an important role to play in many chronic diseases.

While not a cure it can reduce the negative impact of signs and symptoms on the way to achieving better health.


Nutritional Double Standards Abound

In an obvious double standard we have children’s cookbooks that are filled with sugars and unhealthy fats as ingredients. Why are these cookbooks not slammed in the mainstream media as not having the potential to kill our children?

Why is there not more of an uproar when McDonalds places itself in our children’s hospitals?

Why are corporations allowed to place heavily laden sugar and preservatives in foods that are obviously geared towards the children’s market?

Are these all not contributing more to a decline in health for our children rather than a kids paleo cookbook?

One couldn’t be blamed for thinking mainstream media has an agenda against healthier living but happy to support big food companies.


Final Word

Healthy lifestyle promoters play an important role in Natural Medicine. They provide a perspective, reflecting their own personal experience to achieve health.

Members of the public should do their own research to determine if the healthier lifestyle promoters way should become their way.

Remember what works for one individual may not necessarily work for another.

There is always the chance of misrepresentation so don’t go into a lifestyle change with blinders on.

Likewise don’t be swayed by mainstream medias attempts to mock or misinform. They always have an agenda!

If in doubt seek the advice of a professional practitioner.

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